Julian Assange SHAM Trial Starting! FREE ASSANGE!

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Edited by Koki Miyazaki

About The Jimmy Dore Show:
#TheJimmyDoreShow is a hilarious and irreverent take on news, politics and culture featuring Jimmy Dore, a professional stand up comedian, author and podcaster. With over 5 million downloads on iTunes, the show is also broadcast on KPFK stations throughout the country.

Photo Credit: “Canciller Ricardo Patiño y Julian Assange ofrecieron una rueda de prensa con presencia de medios internacionales” © 2014 David G Silvers, Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Written by The Jimmy Dore Show

THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


  1. I agree with everything you're saying about both Trump and Biden. But since the electoral system is rigged so as it will be one of them. Which is worse? Donald Trump or insane left Kamala Harris? Because you're not voting for senile Biden. I am glad in some ways I'm Canadian but what happens to the south very much does effect us. Until recently I was more scared of Trump. Then I saw to left go insane and now I'm not so sure. BLM openly states they are trained Marxists and the Dems seem to support that. Marxism scares me much more than the crimes of Trump. Again this is about the lesser evil because the system is rigged. And with all his crimes Donald Trump looks like a capitalist to me.

  2. The majority of journalists today seem to get even more indoctrinated, complacent or just looking to pay the bills, keep their job, climb the ladder IDK what but many, too many are numb with the insanity or overwhelmed at how so much of what they thought, interpreted the world or believed has been revealed as absolute trash. Anyway luckily, amazingly there are always some that journalist/reporters who shine through the darkness created by the filters, lobbyists,controls,threats, blackmail etc….of the MSM machinations equipped with built in truth distortion distributors world wide

  3. Jimmy, honestly, we don't know yet. Did you know that his admin recently pardoned Edward Snowden? Maybe, possibly, they wanted to charge him with everything possible, so that he can be found "not guilty". Time will tell.

  4. If you think these "peaceful protesters" are peaceful YOUR the chump. Over 32 dead for a Marxist agenda. No one in reality thinks these thugs are legitimately acting out of respect for ethnic groups.

  5. Brother Jimmy. I want you to know I investigated this Fake Virus Jimmy. Look my friend. 1st wave 2nd wave 3 millionth wave. Drink bleach they say. Wash your hands like we are idiots? Six feet under? 6 feet apart?? Why 6 feet Jimmy? Cause we are useless eaters and dead to them. Who do you know Jimmy who has died from this horrible phycological G-3 intelligence community operation? Helicopter Accident Jimmy? No Jimmy! The deadly Virus. Fake troll profile government agent contractors say THAT REALLY OFFENDS ME! Are you saying the virus is fake? That really offends me? MY WIFES SISTERS DAUGHTER’s HUSBAND JUST DIED OF THE FAKE VIRUS WHEN HE WAS DEEP SEA DIVING CAUSE HIS OXYGEN TANK RAN OUT OF AIR, SHARKS ATE HALF HIS BODY BUT THE FAKE VIRUS TEST SAYS CAUSE OF DEATH THE FAKE VIRUS… BEWARE OF A MICRO MUTATION EVEN MORE POWERFUL THAN THIS FAKE VIRUS WHICH WILL MAKE NOT SOCIAL DISTANCING THE DEATH PENALTY. Wake the hell up Jimmy my amigo… REQUIRED FAKE TEMPERATURE TESTS WHERE THEY PUT THE TEMPERATURE GUN TO YOUR HEAD AND PULL THE TRIGGER…? Gun to head pull trigger? MASK UP STAY AT HOME AND DIE. Shutup don’t complain. Be a patriotic stupid citizen and just die? OK? THEY CAN SAY ANYBODY TESTED POSITIVE FOR THIS FAKE VIRUS. THEN YOU GET MURDERED IN THE HOSPITALS.

  6. This is power of the Clintons… his friends wake up dead. 'They' wanted to poison him. he has young kids in hiding.. COME ON TRUMP…WEILD THE PARDON…


  7. Trump does not serve the military industrial complex like Obama did and other presidents before him. But his power is limited, otherwise I think he would do something for Assange.

  8. Do you not think this is happening so julian CAN'T AGAIN DISCLOSE INFORMATION AROUND ELECTION TIME! JULIAN IS THE KEY to BRINGING EVERYONE DOWN!!!!! but their are still a few chess moves to make before ja comes to anerica!

  9. Glad I don't have that weird imperialist psychology! I don't understand the continual denial, blind allegiance and lack of common sense by so many people. There is no limit to these politicians and their owners greed. They don't care about people dying or turning the planet into something like Mars!!!

  10. People ignored child abuse, the abusive "family" and enabling community since the 70s and before. Its been a CLEAR "micro" of The Macro that was normalized like Climate Destruction. Now the BILL is due

  11. Whatever happens on the Macro Also happens on the "micro" scaled down level that was just overlooked and minimized for decades. The people didn't protect their rights. Allowed them to get out of shape. The people are responsible

  12. Children Know better! PLEASE talk about Child Abuse! This is not a joke. Saying ALL this since age 7 in 1971 and was bashed for it since. Speaking truth about abuse. Everyone excused the abuser! Its been happening for decades. Children's lives just didn't count.
    Isn't it logical that a Gov BY FOR and OF the people would translate to Parents and community genuinely BY FOR and OF their children? Not the Opposite of that and passing down the Pollution instead. Hidden in plain sight.

  13. What may happen… fingers crossed is… justice will prevail, and they will exonerate him finally and we can climb out of this mire from this elitist oligarchy we the desperate free, suffer under. Anything short of that simply points out the minions they control… I suggest therefore noting their names and reproach those persons when things swing our way again.

  14. Governments are all tyrannical , it doesn’t matter who’s in power , democratic or Republican, to suppress the truth is a crime against humanity, Assamge is being prosecuted because he exposes truth, this is a war against the people for freedom of expression, what a pathetic society we live in

  15. Assange has already been in prison for 10 years just like China does. It's a joke now. The criminals are the City Of London, The Vatican and DC along with the corporations that are considered people. Except when it is time to go to prison. Your hatred of Trump clouds your understanding of the World.

  16. Hayes: "Wrong, Unconstitutional, and downright tyrannical."
    Everyone: "Why?"
    Hayes: "Because it's Trump doing it."

    We shouldn't settle for someone doing the "right" thing for the wrong reasons just because we agree with it. I want Trump to outright pardon Assange, but I will never trust the media's reporting on Trump. Ever.

  17. Today is garbage pick up over here. You’re politicians and billionaires is stinking up the trash. Garbage man said no holes or leaks that Julianne exposed. And they create a mess like the ones you vote for that talk trash. Those people are traitors and a hypocrite to Overthrow the government. And a garbage to their own doctrine Jimmy. These people are bums to their own people who is here again to stink up the Independence Jimmy.

  18. Hypocrisy on full show:

    "The State Department has rejected a request from London to hand over a

    According to local police, Anne Sacoolas was driving on the wrong side of the