Julian Assange

Written by Jordan Shanks


  1. The past 3 mornings have been awesome after when you suggested that as soon as you feel even slightly conscious when waking up, grab on to it and leap out of bed

    Jesus fucking christ the mornings have been so much faster and get in to work so much fastee

  2. Just write a fucking self help book. Don't just say you love Tony Robbins, BE Tony Robbins. Write that book that business people buy in the airport (Not now though, your sales will tank going off airport traffic)

  3. why dont you use your friendlyjordies mic for these videos? And hot take Jordan it is greatly appreciated, these thoughts have also been swirling in the back of my mind

  4. Bernie has been broken.

    His supporting a corrupt, demented, sexual assaulter for President, and now telling people to donate to the DNC fund.

    He's lost his why.

  5. You say people with boring jobs try to find stimulation in other parts of their lives. Do you think thats really a meaningless pursuit? Your happiness is just as important as anyone elses, so if youre doing things that make you happy thats not a waste of time. Id like to know what you think about this.

  6. my dude. im 17 and in year 12 and trying to become an electrician. how am i ment to find some great purpose in that. is my purpose gonna be "aw yeah nah im pretty friken sick at installing fans my dude, i can die happy."

  7. So, how many did you have the night you made this clip (a good one) and what was it Jordan Shanks ? Be honest now, I will not judge.

  8. Lots of people indoors surrounded by their dehydrating technology. guess what glass blocks.. .UV light. Guess what UV does, kills viruses and makes vitamin D. Take your sunnies off and get outside Oz.

  9. I'm doing what I'm doing because it's the "right/correct/ethical/humanistic" thing/action to do (in my opinion). I fight against unethical and questionable actions/decisions no matter the consequences to me.

  10. I have a why question.
    Why aren't there more people standing up for Assange?It is a damn shame especially here in Assanges own country Australia.Wake the fark up people and support this hero.
    Thanks Jordan for doing this.