July 2022 Economic And Financial Update

My monthly update on finance and housing. My edit of the discussion with Alex Saunders.

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Caveat Emptor! Note: this is NOT financial or property advice!!

Written by Walk The World


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  1. Whoa Nuggets News Nugget…how'd you go mate paying everyone back? Heard you were enjoying the cola too much 👀 Martin, curious your connection here if he hasn't paid everyone back in full 🧐

  2. A great line from the the first Tranformers movie when the boys call in the AC 130 , bring on the pain. A recession is like pulling the chain on the old style crapper, all the s12t goes down and is turned into fertilizer to grow the new season of prosperity

  3. Who cares if people come under mortgage stress🤷‍♂️… Martin you make such a big deal of it… such a huuuuuge drama & it seems you are just after maximum public attention🤔… the naive people who took out massive loans only have themselves to blame.

  4. wealthy Chinese property buyers all died off or got locked in. University student numbers in Australia are at 1990's numbers.

    Any plan that relies on consumption, is a plan for starvation. These mindless Westminsterclowns can't get the roadways to function with the population we have now …

    Their plan for a 100million of us is to feed a creditbubble and feed war.

    transitryInflation is the best buzz word since quantitativeEasing… Brought to you by the same groupthink that created the GFC.

    These mindless apes never learn.

  5. A financial advisor broadcasting his program from his bedroom, we shouldn’t be surprised as Nugget is an advisor without substance. Given how much money people have lost following his advice I am still surprised why Martin validates him by including him on his show.

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