“JUSSIE SMOLLETT is NOBLE for faking it…” – Amanda Seales

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Written by Shuhood Khan


  1. When it happens we hear about it, race is all anyone wants to talk about, so why does someone need to fake it? That’s bs and a slap in the face to people who have ACTUALLY been victimized by racist people smfh. Not to mention just causes division between people and that shouldn’t be the goal.

  2. Loy key noble are you ok in the head like if 911s helping solve a faje crime what abiut the real one thats happening at the same time. That victom couks also be on danger so what were you and jessie thinking

  3. She seriously compared Jussie Smollet(who I actually kinda like but am disappointed in) but lied for attention and took advantage of others putting them at serious risk for popularity to Emmet Till a young man, a child who was brutalized, tortured and murdered by a bunch of cowards?!?

    I hope his momma has passed because that shits fkn cruel and I hope she never hears it.

  4. ……..and that's why everyone thinks you're a dumb @$$! Low key Noble? The F@$& is that!? Double Standard b.s. coming from another lefty. Let a white person say that……."OOOOO HELL NAH!!!!"
    And all these "sheep" clapping for her. A bunch of dumb mother lovers!!!

  5. Who is Amanda ? I mean literally I have no clue who she is! I know whoopie, I know cheeta girls … girl, and is that Lonnie love?yes, but Amanda naaa don’t know that loony

  6. I am not surprised by her comment. She did a great job of switching gears in regards to wasting police resources through: pun intended. I believe in supporting Black people when injustices confront us but supporting scandalous behavior is not an option. I think she is just talking to keep her name ringing so that she will maintain airtime.

  7. Too many people love hearing themselves speak. They spout none sense and because they’re on a platform they feel they are correct

    Y’all keep calling out these phonies

  8. I research thoroughly before I state my opinions. The last thing I want to do is to give people the wrong idea or impression on how the world is now. Doesn’t matter if I’m talking about politics, science, health, whatever topics that’s being brought up in the media, I do my research first before I speak.