Jussie Smollett Makes ABSURD Claim From Cook County Jail & Why It’s Worse Than You Think!

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Written by TheQuartering

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  1. I SAID I DROPPED THE SOAP AGAIN!!! Juicy — Who's (redacted) do I need to (redacted) to get me some Twinkies in here? Other inmates — We're sick of your shit Juicy.

  2. Juicy Smolet is right, though. He got 150 days in a county jail because he is black. If he was white, he'd be spending fifteen years in a federal prison and everything he'd earned from rewards to certifications would be stripped from him. People would probably vandalize or burn down his house, too. Even with his children and/or pets inside. And they'd brag about it on TV and social media yet nothing would ever happen to them for it. Rather, they'd be applauded. So, yes, Jussie, you got a measly 150 days in a jail because you're black and that gets you a huge amount of favoritism.

  3. Hey if he wants to be the gay Tupac and he has to do some time too cuz Tupac did some time didn't he? So now I can really play a gay Tupac card let's see how tough he is when it's not a paid attacker? And it's a real black folks hitting them, let's see how many mega supporters are in the Cook County jail

  4. Most likely he will declare PC (protective custody) (he is in fear for his life and needs to be removed from general population). For those that don’t know, PC is typically used by p***ies who are too scared to be around other inmates. Also utilized by sex offenders and child molesters who are worried about being assaulted. He will declare this within minutes of getting processed in the jail. He will be moved to a single cell where he will serve the remainder of his jail term. Most likely upon release he will claim officer misconduct and that he was being tortured by staff the whole time. This is the type of inmate that no officer/staff wants to deal with. He is going to be a walking talking lawsuit. I don’t envy the staff that have to deal with him over the coming weeks.
    Love the show man keep up the good work!!

  5. Yes once you go into a County jail you're in intake seats in your regular clothes and then you're stripped down and your processed and your heart putting a holding cell until they give you your dorm that you're going to go into so that's why all the guys are in there County or prison uniform in that large holding cell.

  6. Juicy will be just fine. As bad as cook county jail is I'm sure there is a gay ward just like Los Angeles County jail. He'll be braiding hair and tweezing his eyebrows with the girls in the gay pod.

  7. You can go to prison for smoking crack,, McDonald's wouldn't even take you back, if you have the money to pay for concrete, you can always run for mayor of d.c…. he deserved more than he got for everything.

  8. I just think that because of his progressive mindset, developed over years of believing himself to be righteous and guiltless, he's going to learn nothing from this experience, but will come out of jail considering himself to be a hero, who has suffered for oppressed black people. He'll spend the rest of his life making money from playing the victim, telling everyone how innocent he was and how racist the judicial system is. And other progressives will believe him, because they have the same mind set.

  9. Why do people keep saying he is black? His father is white…how does that work?? I don't get any of this..he should have received 40 lashes and be done with it. Better than a caneing they get in other countries. God help us all.

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