JUST 9 Days Until LOOMING Gov’t Shutdown, Senate Republicans Threaten To SINK Funding Bill

Team Rising discusses Congress’s efforts to halt an impending government shutdown.

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  1. Boo hoo, we lost money. Democrats didn't care about the economy while shutting down small business for over a yr. Of course their big donors were able to do business. Many of the Governor's did what they told us we could not.

  2. good, hopefully they shutdown for good and never reopen. nothing but a bunch of two faced corrupt lying politicians involved in US politics. my favorite is how they act like Tesla isnt a US company as they pamper and spoil all their UAW buddies while holding an EV summit and not even inviting the world leader in EVs that literally dragged every legacy auto maker into making actual real EVs, while also writing a bill that specifically tries to save UAW with a 4500 dollar credit for union made vehicles, even though the mach-e is made in mexico and the bolt is a literal joke that cant even be parked within 50 feet of anything. its pretty pathetic just how brazen and out in the open they are with the fact that they are all corrupt and bought and paid for shills.

  3. Totalitarian Capitalism. A farcical democracy, legislation written by lobbyists. A Punch and Judy show. Demoncrats are quasi Republicans and the Republcans are not even on the same planet. A revolving door between Wall Street and the White House.

  4. Satan's favorite turtle: "We will not relieve the democrats from their obligations to address the debt sealing!"

    Progressives: "Ok we will pay for this bill by making the wealthy pay their fair share"

    Satan's favorite turtle: "No, but I'll allow a gas tax."

  5. They need to shut the Biden administration down and leave the government working for the people like there supposed to be. get rid of the root of the problem and that's the corrupt Biden administration. The White House is full of brown stains it needs a good cleansing bleaching out.

  6. If Mitch McConnell is not for the people then why is he even in the white house and why don't the president fire him so who is in charge of making decisions because president Trump'did get us one two and three stimulus checks but this president can not get a fourth check done with out Mitch blocking it just don't make any sense to me

  7. Trump money uhhh somewhat not really. The dems went on a huge spending spree in first year and have huge spending wish lists. This is on them and they’re are not being frugal in anyway

  8. I will guarantee you one thing (and my guarantees are guaranteed), any gov't. shutdown will NOT effect Congressional pay or services, only yours. Shame on that sham group.

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