JUST IN: James Comer Details ‘Coordinated Cover-Up’ Of Hunter Biden Laptop As Major Hearing Starts

At today’s House Oversight Committee hearing, Rep. James Comer (R-KY) detailed a cover-up of Hunter Biden’s laptop by Twitter, the intelligence community, and the media.

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  2. I have spent more time in Facebook jail for my opinions and freedom of speech! They all thought they would shut us up! It didn't work out so well for all those billionaire CEO's did it???

  3. Not only Americans but all the people around globe who believe in fairness and truth will not rest until the Bidens are in Jail. Justice must be served. We had enough of lies and corruption. The Bidens are criminals, they ought to be thrown to jail and rot.

  4. All these "Twitter Crooks" should be held accountable for their Felony actions. Look at what the damage they have done to America since November of 2020 by conning the American people and getting Biden Elected.

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