Justice Democrat Leaves Dem Party For The People’s Party

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  1. Jimmy. I understand you would like a new party,. But there is only to forms of governing if you wish to be governed.. so exactly what form of governing with it be if you change a party. Democracy or a republic?

  2. A living wage. A living wage. A living wage. For ALL. Home ownership. Rebuilding our neighborhoods and communities. This is the sole pressing issue. Period… And we should all finally be sick of apologies from the LEFT media for the feckless leadership of the democratic party. Both parties serve the same financial interests. Therefore, both parties are the same party. And BOTH parties need to go. They are in a power sharing arrangement and anyone who cannot see this is blind.

  3. lets see now everythin this pos grifter has ever stood for has never happened and now she is going to change party's ? ha ha ha ha ha once again the grift begins as a im differnt now than i was yesterday vote for me im so much more going to do nothing for anyone but Me… yet AOC is still her Friend and dont get her wrong im not invested enough to know a lot after 20 years i never wanted to be a politician ha ha ha ha she sure know a lot about her corrupt political friends in WV yet she seems to have stood by while they all got rich and fleeced the voters . she says she went along and said things she didnt mean to get along , i think she would say hey folks im corrupt i been corrupt AOC is corrupt the justice dems are not progressive at all nor am i and i never will be having said that she should say i want to be in politics its easy money i can be the WV AOC clone for any one stupid and easily fooled i can beat joe manchin with a New Party at a National level and thats what nancy pelosi wants me to do thats what joe manchin wants me to do now run a weak ass fake national party get the stooges to vote for this clown act so they can win every election as usual . this woman is a BS clown ass fake AOC wanna B running another game to steal a few votes gather more idiots donations and like the rest of the phoney ass Justice Democrats and or faux progressives had over all her voters and donations to the dnc like a good ole rotten con game with a Bs national party twist you know the Candy progressive with out a home always Love to eat ha ha ha ha ha ha . she knows we all know AOC and the Squad are Frauds , They know we all know they are Frauds so They need a Fresh face or on lesser known lower level riff raff dem party line tower . They know were stupid for a new Hero she knows we just stupid and how Jimmy is goobling up this shit show is beyond my wildest beliefs My God Jimmy havent you seen this act before you know disgruntled go along dem resurrected as a progressive swindler sure you have So what The F gives

  4. Keep an eye on Zana Day. Unfortunately, I am not sold on her being in such a high position in the People's Party, but I suppose we'll see how the walk is walked.

  5. If 62% of the people want a new party why aren't they quitting their party now and putting their power behind the people's party to build a majority for the 22 election.
    What is everyone waiting for?
    Take a stand and get involved!!!

  6. This is wonderful. HOWEVER… a key point in her story really stands out for me. I was very closely following the Justice Democrats from the first week they were organized. I donated to them in the first 7 days. I kept following various candidates they were recruiting and promoting. But despite all that, somehow, I NEVER heard of AOC until she won her primary. At the time, I wondered, HOW was that possible??? Paula Jean JUST EXPLAINED how. GEEZ!!!

    That comparison, that AOC is just another Obama, really rings TRUE to me.

    And I hate Obama MORE than I hate Trump. I should. I voted for the bastard TWICE. He's the one who actually INFORMED me just how corrupt HE WAS.

  7. Most people are tired, overworked and in debt to their ears. This will not end nicely for the politicians and the billionaires they serve when the majority finally reach a consensus regarding their common interests. Unless their is a massive course correction. You want a Green New Deal? you first have to make people financially whole again. You want a civil society? you first have to make people financially whole again. You want safe neighborhoods where youth don't need to sell drugs on the street corners? you first need to make that community financially whole again. No other way out. If you don't do this, your fucked.

  8. I know WV is the butt of everyone’s joke, but I have nothing but respect for their people. Hard working, family people who just want a better way.

  9. It's too late for a 3rd party that should have happened YEARS ago before shit became invasively corrupt.
    The 2 party con/cult, will NEVER EVER EVER ALLOW a 3rd party. The elections alone are also wildly corrupt.
    This is FAR FAR bigger. This is a system in late stage capitalism on the verge of collapse.
    No, it will take outrage and revolt to change it and Im not hopeful about that either. Too many sheep in denial.

  10. You gave Alex two or three years to solve all of America’s problems. When “the people’s party” fails to achieve anything in four will you come back to reason?

  11. I watching this clip I decided I am not progressive I am anticoruptionist or truth integralist. We really need a new word because progressives are progressing hate and devide.