Justice Dems’ Absurd Gushing Over Biden Shocks The Conscience

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  1. So the people that advocate for BIG GOVERNMENT aren’t part of the establishment?

    The people that want government to take over EVERYTHING are not part of the establishment?

    How stupid is ron? Everyone on this show is a fool

  2. The same people that believe the lie that Trump was a Russian asset, are the same people here scratching their heads, and wondering why your “justice Democrats“ are turncoats and not representing your interest.

    Hopefully at some point these people realize that any Politician in this country that is a popular store for the people will get eviscerated and demolished by the main stream media.

  3. 8:45 CORPORATE CAMPAIGN DONATIONS IS NOT THE CORRUPTION!!!! It is just one of many tools of the corrupters to get the corruptees elected. Another way is to recruit ambitious brown(and others) men and women to pose as grassroots progressive activists and let the people fund the campaign. Sheep dogging is as old as politics. Wake up!!! There is a reason AOC was promoted so heavily. If she was such a damn threat she would have been completely suppressed, like so many other actual activists that run for office. If it’s in the mainstream, they want you to see it!

  4. Ron is fully waking up. You can see it and hear it. He's about to start biting Jimmy on a couple things, because Jimmy still has hope in a peaceful solution. I think ron is starting to realize that's not on the table anymore.

  5. My guess is they all got raises from all the money the government saved by not helping it's citizens. That's why they're happy with him.

  6. The congressional “progressives” can zealously assert that Biden has implemented a progressive agenda, because they aren’t really progressives, and they don’t actually need to mean it or believe it – they are controlled opposition Democrats – whom are in lockstep with the Democratic Party.

  7. We need to find those offshore accounts. Our corrupt political class is selling out for more than just campaign donations and jobs after selling us out.

  8. Corporate Democrats sell out for Millions of Corporate Dollars. Justice Democrats sold out on a 200K job + benefits and celebrity status.

  9. Would it be worst to find out the are not even doing it for the money ? but to find out they were all just an other type of Republican.

  10. Joe Biden …is what is known as a TRIPLE THREAT !!! ( He can have a stroke , or heart attack , or he Can Shit himself …right then and there ))

  11. What you got was lots of cheap labor coming over the border. That's what the powers that be want Biden to provide. Why raise minimum wage? Why don't you talk about that Jimmy?

  12. Stop saying no other country is screwing covid releif! In Canada we got a 400 one time payment and if asked for 3x 100 per month cleaning supplies payment for a total of only 700 and many only got 400. I found out about the cleaning $$ late and I only got 100+100+50 so 650. Oh and again we pay for health care .. do a simple search and you will see. A study in /19 said the average Canadian pays 6k+ regardless if you need it or not that year… I havent been to a doctor or hospital in adulthood for 30yrs … Fk I wish I was down there … I could buy a house with that