Justice for the Victims of Looters and Communists


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  1. Once I was brutally beaten (I nearly died) at
    the Mount Royal Seventh-day Adventist Church (for daring to speak at a
    Wednesday night Bible study) and was again rewarded with an additional 6-week
    round of brutal horrid torture (and a couple months additional torture
    resulting from the drugs injected into me on the last day of the “treatment”).
    I was brutally assaulted by James George De Witt (born May 8th 1953), and then
    arrested and tortured, for being brutally assaulted at the Mount Royal
    Seventh-day Adventist Church was used as additional evidence that I was acting
    up and deserving of a needle in my arse. George James De Witt had arms that
    were much bigger than my legs, his brother was a national boxing champion –
    George De Witt grabbed me at the Wednesday night SDA Bible study and flung me
    up the stairs and then punched me in the head as hard as he could. As I lay on
    the lawn next to the Mount Royal Seventh-day Adventist Church the Adventists
    departed their Bible study, I wasn’t able to move and nobody came out to see
    how I was. These Adventists don’t like to hear that their church censors
    Scriptural references to cannibalism, don’t like to hear that they teach people
    to abide by Catholic fertility rites, they don’t like to hear that many of
    their churches are capped with Egyptian obelisks (representations of penises).
    The following Saturday I stood outside the Seventh-day Adventist Central Church
    on Victoria Ave. and showed off my ripped clothes and injuries, one Adventist
    told me not to come back or they would do worse to me. I attended that church
    hoping for assistance to flee many years of psychiatric horror, they instead
    beat me to the point of death and then had me arrested and tortured. George De
    Witt’s daughter posted that she was so pleased that her dad beat the shit out
    of me, that I was deserving of the beating. I wanted help to flee Canada,
    instead the Adventists brutalized me further.

       Soon after a drug-dealing immigrant
    from El Salvador (Manuel Oswaldo Chinchilla Morales, born February 8th 1977),
    who lived with his Seventh-day Adventist family, together with his friends,
    beat me in downtown Saskatoon. After returning home from the hospital I
    continued to lay in bed for weeks, fearful that the police were going to come
    and arrest me again, for speaking again. So the worst two beatings I ever
    experienced in life were dealt to me at a Seventh-day Adventist Wednesday Night
    Bible Study and then by a drug dealing immigrant from El Salvador who lived in
    Saskatoon with his Seventh-day Adventist immigrant family. I was already
    devastated by years of horror in psychiatric facilities in Saskatoon, these
    people must have seen me as an easy conquest. George De Witt’s muscular arms
    were bigger than my thighs, the punch he gave me would likely have killed over
    95% of the people on the planet, he is a soldier of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

       Ethnic diversity is negatively
    impacting poor whites and poor aboriginal natives, resources provided by
    governments have limits and are being provided to the newcomers at the expense
    of the poor. Years ago a group of Syrians arrived to the airport and were
    welcomed by three levels of government – civil, provincial and federal
    government representatives welcomed these newcomers and provided homes and
    money for them, while at the same time many white and native people were
    sleeping in bushes along the riverbank and under bridges. People could not find
    it in their hearts to provide a bed for the homeless in Saskatoon, yet when the
    Syrians and other Islamists were flown in they were provided with hotel rooms,
    hotel meals and swimming pools. The new Islamist immigrants were provided for
    at great cost, multitudes more resources were provided for them than for our
    own, who struggle to live here in abject poverty.

  2. The Saskatoon Star-Phoenix newspaper and other
    media outlets throughout the western world used comics to teach people that
    Africans and South Sea Islanders were cannibals, they would depict white people
    in a cooking pot while black people or south sea islanders stood next to the
    pot and tended to the fires burning below. This continued well into the 1960’s
    but since then it is no longer politically correct to use the comics to
    denigrate the African people, while the South Sea Islanders are still periodically
    depicted as cannibals. Assorted churches (including the Seventh-day Adventist
    Church) published books explaining how their missionaries traveled to these
    distant lands and civilized the cannibals. The churches never quoted Scripture
    in their publications, nor from their pulpits, nor during their Bible Studies,
    that supported the existence of cannibals, instead they would teach of the
    existence of cannibals in Africa and the South Seas while censoring existence
    of cannibals in the “civilized” west. In 1988 I criticized this racism taught
    by the churches and faced arrest and the beginning of years of torture.
    Hollywood was systematically teaching people to seek power from supposedly
    magical rocks, was teaching people of the great benefits of engaging in
    witchcraft, and taught of the existence of ghosts as opposed to angels, but
    then in 1989 this changed with the release of “Silence of The Lambs” where a
    single cannibal was depicted as being real and active in the western world. So
    in 1989 Hollywood began to be more truthful in their teachings than the
    Christian churches, as the Christian churches continued to censor the existence
    of cannibals in the western world. In 1988 people began paying millions of
    dollars to have me tortured at the University of Saskatchewan (and later at
    Saskatoon City Hospital) for daring to speak of the existence of cannibals in
    the civilized west, then starting in 1989 they began spending millions of
    dollars to watch Hollywood movies depicting cannibals in the civilized west. Anyway,
    Scripture proclaims that God is about to spread you people out like dung over
    the surface of the earth, this is fair and I fully support it. Already God has
    begun to spread many of your apostate children out like dung, I not only
    support it, I think it is absolutely hilarious. Just as you folks think it
    hilarious that I get tortured by predominantly Brahmin Hindu psychiatrists, I
    think that the deaths of your children is equally hilarious.

  3. The asshole who kicked that truck driver's face in is on the run from the cops. His name is Marquise Love and he's claiming he "….Might go to jail for murder tonight for a racist when all I did was fight him…".

    I guess this idiot thinks the cameras only come on when people he doesn't like do bad things. I guess racist now includes "Any non black person that defends someone".

  4. I am happy to say, the guy that got kicked in the head is alive. His eyes are so black it looks like he's wearing a mask, but he is alive. Back home and recovering.

  5. the left grows its popularity by sustaining a complete overhaul over people´s media, where they use information as a political weapon, alienated schmucks

  6. Riots are an excuse to steal and brutalize people not about justice, BLM gives millions of $$$ they rake in to Biden's campaign and dem party so rioters Antifa etc get a free pass and encouragement

  7. There was a black man in Roxboro North Carolina who pointed a shotgun at a cop and the cop shot and killed him. The Man's family were upset the cop killed because they said that he was "trying to drop the shotgun." How exactly do you try to drop a shotgun?

  8. yep the far leftists brains fail to understand accidental deaths are different then the intentional deaths they are committing against the american people with these angry mobs nobody currently views these people as sort of civil rights heroes at all except themselves and the rejects on twiiter who conflates internet with reality

  9. Exactly! Some dude from Africa was chastising me for our untrained, out of control cops! Then I pointed out that in his area the military were gunning down kids for social distancing violations. There were playing soccer in the street, and we're running away when the truckload of soldiers were set upon them.

    The world's shit holes now have the moral high ground.

  10. The overdose fake is silly. The cops murder the guy, and making up the fiction that while dying of an overdose he was more than a match for FOUR First Responder(TM) heroes the GOP platform was dedicated to. Parroting that is suicidal.

  11. If the left wants to kill Nazis all they have to do is buy a copy of Zombie Army Trilogy on STEAM. I'm sorry my bad, that will never work. It won't take them long to realize that the vacant eyed gouls they are slaughtering are reflections of themselves.
    It would be cool if someone published a mod on ModDb where the zombies faces were replaced with the Wojack
    NPC face.

  12. If Joe wins Antifa will get immediately thrown under the bus. You'll see stories questioning whether they were really bad all along, but of course, with a sentence or two conceding the "need" for them when we had a "fascist" in office. Then every Antifa group will be put into hibernation until the next time, if ever, a non controlled op Conservative gets elected.

  13. Yep. Apparently it's racist to hold black folks accountable for their actions. SMH. It's also not just "a city thing". Recently seen a video where they were going through suburbs demanding white folks give up their homes.

  14. I told my family the truth. If they come for me, they come for them. They are not going to listen to some crap about them being a democrat. These communists will hit my family over the head with a flying brick and never ask a single question or hear their pleas about them hating Trump. I can only hope some of my loved ones see the light soon. These communist ideologues (blm, antifa) are not their friends. They are not going to have their back when shit gets tough.

    I've been watching this movie since the early 2000's. Although, it's been happening for a long time. The conspiracy theories aren't theories.