Justin Bieber Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, Haley’s Brain Clot, & The Question We Can’t Ask – Viva Clips

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  1. Now, now, this is just a minor adverse effect. Everyone needs to prepare to roll up their sleeves again. Just do as you're told, and everything will be alright. You can have all that you want, as long as you obey.

  2. What's with the hair? I have watched you for a few years now, and now this. I wonder what is going through your mind in making yourself look like a crazed homeless person who hasn't taken a bath or washed their hair in six months. What are you trying to accomplish with that look? You may not like this, but believability comes with giving the impression that all your wires are connected properly, LIKE HAVING A WELL COIFFED APPEARANCE. Sorry, but with your current look, you've lost me. If you think I am shallow, I am not. I do know what drives business, and looking like you just climbed out of a dumpster just doesn't cut it in the business world. Professionalism has its look and if you want to be believed you must come off as a professional.

  3. the correlation here is they received the same batch, and knowing certain batches have been proven to show exponential increases in adverse events, this is the most likely explantion, their batch was one of the ones which likely has caused much more problems than were seeing with the Biebers, since most people arent in the limelight and their experiences will never be heard

  4. Please never forget that they did not want to release any information about this experimental job for 50 years. The question is what are they hiding?

  5. For those who are questioning SADS; I commend you for your critical thinking. Now apply the same thinking to SIDS. SIDS always happens to these babies right around their 2mo & 4mo vaccines.

    THEYVE DONE THIS BEFORE people, it’s nothing new. They’ve been gaslighting parents for 30 years just like they’re doing with the CV19 vax injured.

  6. I had this and the doctors didn’t know what to call it because they didn’t know what was wrong with me so they said it was Bells Palsey Syndrome. They never had this Ramsay Hunt Syndrome diagnosis in 1979. It was considered an extremely rare disease and most doctors were not familiar with it at that time. I spent 6 months in 2 hospitals with the most expert doctors they never knew why I had it. It returned 3 more times. Mine effected the right side of my face and down right side of my body then. I was a case history at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington DC and 2 years later at MUSC. It came back 3 times but I’m happy to report I am fine today!

  7. I recall Eric Clapton having the same effect from the vax. The only difference is Clapton then got vocal about vax injuries. Strange how people are having a hard time connecting the dots here.

  8. It's pretty clear they both had the Emergency Use Authorization drug that wasn't FDA approved.I mean people dropping dead between the ages of 18-32 years old what about the people who either dropped dead last month during the Marathon.Do the math people you don't have to be a Scientist or a Doctor to understand what's going on!

  9. Lots of people are passing away in Canada. Now I know friends of friend and acquaintances that have died, younge and old. Lots of unexpected and unexplained death. I personally know of special autopsies being conducted at the expense of the family to get to the truth of this situation. SADS my ass, this is quaxxine poisoning

  10. The dr says he got RH syndrome from shingles. You get shingles from having chicken pox. He’s pretty young to have shingles. If he was vaccinated for chicken pox as a child which is required to go to school, he should not have had chicken pox or shingles so should not get RH syndrome. So, what the heck is going on here?

  11. This same scenario played out in the 1950's with the Polio vaccine, except it caused a soft tissue cancer pandemic, now we have hundreds of books published where they openly admit it.

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