Justin Bieber Tried To Warn Us Of Hollywood’s Dark Side Long Ago

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  1. I don't know if you have seen it yet but there is a new Netflix trailer for a movie called 'Cuties'… It's absolutely disturbing and although its french it seems to always be the same thing with the left no matter where they are from, to sexualize and brainwash kids to reject their family and follow the 'movement'(Cult) I'm losing hope in humanity thats for sure… But then again, people like you give me back a bit of that hope i guess. 🙂

  2. There are many rising stars that just up and quit Hollywood. No one every really knew why. I bet if you were able to ask them the true reason they left (not the publicized one) it would be caus they could not stomach the Hollywood cesspool anymore. Just my opinion. Hollywood weilds too much power in the media therefore the country. What has happened there and coming to light is disgusting.

  3. michael jackson tried to warn us for decades and they killed him for speaking out against the music industry, shit is sad. and hes like the most famous powerful man in the music industry and no one still never heard him they just ignored the king

  4. There are some weird pictures that Tom Hanks took of little kids shoes in random places and of a dead animal in a highway were some whistle blower died like a few days later. I’ll try to find them and post the link here. I think it was on his Instagram I was looking at them with a friend on his phone some time ago. I remember feeling a bit shocked because it was Tom Hanks an actor dear to many and someone that kind of makes you think stands for what’s right.

  5. That’s a video I’m not surprised JB made, Ive never followed him so I never picked up on this thanks Tristan!! But I did watch many doco’s that relate heavily to this and apparently one thing Hollywood does to shut people up is use initiation ceremonies where if you want to be famous and “in their club” they take photos of you dressed up in women’s clothing with a bunch of HW elites with masks on with thier d***s out laughing and if you “say anything “ they release the photos maybey it to the public but for “a hit” career wise or literally (there’s other things they do to you aswell-like Whans production of thier “Ellen’s done this for years “Adrenochrome” blood drinking and worse) and thier kept as insurance…..also everyone who does this deal has to have a photo of them taken in drag at a Hollywood event in front of everyone…….I think it’s a message to other elites so they know who been initiated.think about it if WE or I have known about this for 7 years imagine what the non famous “workers” who overhear and get told and see….imagine what they know about Hollywood!!?

  6. We need to just drone strike Hollywood. Maybe the entire west coast to be honest. The infection of their liberal degeneracy has been spreading for many years and now there is a real threat of terrorists like Antifa and BLM trying to take over by militant force. Now it's spread to our whole nation, our educational institutions, our workforce, even our damn grocery stores are joining in the authoritarianism…..there is real conflict on the horizon and something about to go down soon. The storm clouds are rolling in…..

  7. I watched a video probably 8 years ago about a "Hollywood hitman" that basically will go around Hollywood and drug actors food, they will slip into their houses and move shit around and all kinds of other subtle bullshit to make them act a fool or make them think they are going insane if an actor gets "out of line" at the point I watch the video the anonymous hitman said he was currently working on Jim Carrey, Justin Bieber, Amanda Bynes…. He also took credit for Lindsay Lohan… It was just crazy because at the time I watched, all of them were getting nothing but bad press… People keep talking shit about conspiracy theorist … Remember they were on and on about Pizzagate and Epstien was involved and politicians and celebrities and media laughed and said it's not true…. I mean wow…the conspiracy theorist were way the fuck off the mark with that one huh. ..

  8. Many middle class folk out there that see children as their insurance policy for their elder years and thus prioritize the well being and development of the young. Living to give their gifts to future generations.

    Yet sadly in contrast….

    Throughout history wherever theres been elite groups it seems theres always been sects of them ritually engaged in child sacrifice, consuming the young, and our future.

  9. Strange how this is the first video I see this morning after I have been trying to put this EXACT point across to ALL movie watcher's on Twitter! The WHOLE HOLLYWOOD INDUSTRY, has been built around rape & paedophila for MANY YEAR'S! I'm NOT saying everyone is involved in this deviency but it has ALWAYS been there! Movie's I don't watch them but it is a form of entertainment and art so I get that, but what people DON'T realise is, when they watch or buy these movie's they are CONDONING ABUSE, SEXUAL ABUSE! That is WRONG on many levels, and I'm about to become as unpopular on here as I am on twitter this morning for saying this but I DON'T CARE! People in Hollywood and the likes should NOT be ALLOWED to accumulate cold hard cash, at the expence of warm HUMAN LIVES, mentally or physically! ABUSE IS WRONG cold hard cash does NOT compensate for the loss of INNOCENCE, that's these children, women and men SUFFER! SEXUAL ABUSE is not ONLY physically harming it's MENTALLY harming and WHY people who are ABUSED commit SUICIDE! That is NOT RIGHT, NOT what HUMANITY is! It's PURE EVIL!

  10. It's not a conspiracy theory. Judy Garland, Shirley Temple…they talked about this. If people choose to call you Alt Rt for it then you have to deal with it because to not speak out when it's kids then you are part of the problem.

  11. Not weird at all. Disgusting, but not weird. Hollywood has always been been dangerous for kids. Hell, it's dangerous for adults. When it comes to the kids, I blame their parents/handlers. They are the ones who are supposed to keep the child's interests and safety first and foremost. Sadly, many of them get dollar signs in their eyes and sacrifice the child for the empty promises of money and fame. It's little wonder why these kids end up so messed up as adults. It's child abuse, and sadly most us stay silent about it because it we want to be entertained.

  12. Bieber's word is hard to take seriously though… this is the man that spit in fans mouths and peed on them from a balcony… he's also the dude that guilt-tripped his underage fan club president into buying his shitty new single multiple times cause he wanted to hit number one with it…

    That said Hollywood is a terrible place… but Bieber is part of it, and that culture.

  13. So, I believe JB because he has suffered from firsthand experience. However, what is being said about Tom Hanks is being pushed by Qanon. Now I suck at research, but with the first try months ago when someone in America denied he suffered from Q19 and wasn’t in the hospital but arrested for sexually assaulting a boy, I looked it up. A major newspaper in Australia gave front page importance to this issue in a scathing article. They verified TH’s hospitalization. They gave names of the doctors, nurses and staff who can confirm his stay there along with his wife Rita. They encouraged everyone to check for themselves as the entire staff had signed affidavits ready to view and email, as did the police who denied his being arrested and charged. As for the article about Greece. Complete bullshit. Greece has a fair trade agreement with nations on extradition issues. We give them their bad guys, they give us ours. They are not lenient on pedophiles. They go to prison. Not American tv in the room, access to literature, exercise yard experience either. It’s brutal. The age of consent is 16, which is standard in most of Europe and the Mediterranean. The people of Greece are furious for being slandered in such a malicious and careless behavior. RW has family in Greece, and they have a home there. They reported a fire and saved thousands of lives and homes. For this and his millions of dollars he had donated to their emergency earthquake services, the tourism he has encouraged through his movies of Greece he was given the gift of citizenship. He didn’t seek it out trying to avoid prosecution. Now just to make sure this issue is covered, several years back a woman came forward as a victim of teenage prostitution. She was sent to a expensive hotel, very high and was sexually assaulted, brutally. She couldn’t remember the face of her rapist, and when she escaped and matured she legally obtained the signature of the man who signed for the room. You guessed it, TH. She pressed charges and the police looked into it. TH was in another country at the time of her assault. I want to say he was filming’Joe verses the Volcano’, but honestly, I don’t remember. Much like JD a paper wrote a story without checking the facts or even asking the people involved. By inconsistent innuendo they confer a lie into a truth. Has anyone even looked into the fact they recanted the story? They have.So let’s just see if TH being a pedophile adds up. First, statistics. Child assault and rape by an adult is high, 1 out of 10 kids. If every child assaulted became a pedo the numbers would be almost incalculable. It is accepted that pedophiles are created through childhood assault. Those who actually become pedophiles have low impulse control. Does TH exhibit any behavior that he is a victim? Is he anti-social, a perfectionist or defeatist, does he have a substance abuse problem, does he have a problem with attaining and sustaining relationships with people of adult age, does he focus mainly on relationships with children, does he build adult relationships through the children he meets, do his children exhibit any of the above symptoms? Across the board, no. Has any child he has worked with ever charged him with assault, any friends child, any extended family member. Remember, pedophiles have low impulse control. The answer is still no. Ricky Gervais has been brutal on Hollywood. In in now famous speech where he took no prisoners, he had a line queued for Tom Hanks, which in the end he decided not to use because at the end of the day, he has immense respect for the guy. In his words’he is the real deal, and I’ve looked.’ I thought we covered this issue, and yes it’s the same. To accuse a person of a grave offense is of itself a grave offense. Leave that to the people actually involved in the case. Check facts, just because it’s in a popular newspaper doesn’t make it accurate or true. JD life and career was almost totally destroyed by this behavior. I thought we were already on the same page about that.

  14. Part of my job is investigating building envelope failures and remediation design.
    If you see a bit of rot on the surface there's always way more beneath the surface.

  15. We were being warned way before this all started to come to light but we didn't listen and decided to ignore!, there are alot of celebrities and actress that we don't hear from decided to step away from Hollywood because of what it has become.. I come from a religious family and they will always talk about all this stuff so no I don't think you are crazy girl! This is actually happening.. I would share videos about Hollywood and everything that Justin was mentioning in his video but unfortunately they took it down ?

  16. I never liked Justin Bieber or his music, but I am quite aware that Hollywood is run by pedophiles/rapists/sex predators. Corey Feldman spilled the beans about that before.

  17. While I loved you review on that disgusting movie "cuties" and couldn't agree more, but this, I disagree. JB did not warn us. He is apart of it and a member of that fake church, 'hillsong NY'.

  18. By the way, I love your voice. It matches you little Character on the bottom left. I hate the word "alt-right" simply because we have our own minds, doesn't mean we're extremist. It just means we are not sheep.

  19. No, ur not crazy, they've been putting subliminal messages in movies since I was a kid in the 70s. So this isn't anything really new, but really sad it's still going on.

  20. Not only this is part of Hollywood, or did we forgot that Drew Berrymore had a alcohol and drugs problem at the age of 09, she went to rehab at the age of 13..At the age of 16 she had her autobio out about that..

  21. Those fact checking sites are biased. Forbes did an article about this a few years ago in an attempt to discredit a Daily Mail (?) article saying as much. Only, the Forbes writer couldn’t debunk it. The writer concluded that Snopes and their like were poorly run with zero accountability… and perhaps shouldn’t be relied upon so blindly and quoted by journalists. It’s a vicious cycle. They all tell lies and half truths then quote one another as if to make it more true.

    Wow. I hadn’t heard about Alexander Payne. Sideways is one of my favorite films. Huh. These ppl are disturbed.

  22. There no hard EVIDENCE photos, videos- celeb/ politician with any kids on that list of ppl on Epstein’s planes or islands. It’s just breadcrumbs they giving you. ???‍♀️