Justin Trudeau Blows $100M on Gender Ideology while Emergency Rooms Close

Trudeau spends $100 Million on 2SLGBTQI Plus Ideologues while Emergency Rooms are closing across the country. Where are the priorities in this government?

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  1. WOW! While Trudeau spits in the faces of some Canadians, he uses their taxpayers money to fund a community who clearly believes they are more important than other Canadians with families, farmers, Christians and so many more. Oh my God! Literally, may God have mercy on their souls.

  2. Giving money to very small minority of the population, maybe 3%, to buy votes. It is a stupid wasteful thing to do. He would have been better off to give it to the majority of the population. This clown I believe has an IQ of 25.

  3. 👤 Trudeau…
    Will go down in history..
    …as one of biggest mistakes..
    ever made.. his parents.
    Trudeau is a "commen fool."

  4. No, Clyde.
    It's not "campaigning."
    It's ALL A GRIFT.
    Do you really believe Trudeau was honestly elected – or that there's an honest election in our future?
    Liberals = GRIFT

  5. I think the Charter of Rights and Freedoms already defends every citizen quite aptly regardless of their race, colour, creed or gender. There's a big difference between "defend" and "promote". The indoctrination foisted upon school children, whose focus of learning should be 123, ABC, and Do Re Me not LGB, TQS, how to master bate in Kindergarten, or when should I get a sex change, is akin to governmental pedophilia and gender mutilation. For crying out loud it's a medical and psycological fact that children's brains are not fully developed until age 26 and cannot grasp future consequences of present choices…hence parental guidance. This is confusion and coercion of the worst kind!! Trudolph Castreau and the Librano$ have much to answer for…when will Dik-Taters learn that they always face a dismal end to their tyranny?!! Those who refuse to learn from history are always doomed to repeat it! Did we learn nothing from WWII that cost 6 million Jews and 60+ million lives over a forced ideology that wanted Global dominance? Now we have Nazi born Klaus Scwab and his WEF government penetrating ideologies pushing the same thing for the same end with star pupils like Trudeau, Freeland, and Singh to promote it; Gau-leiter(regional leaders) as the 3rd Reich called them.

  6. A round dance was trying to be a little conservative and have male female dance groups and they got attacked by the online mob and they had to changed the entry rules.



  8. What True-DOH really said: "This will guide our ongoing work to encourage discrimination, build barriers where none existed, to take away rights and to create a future where everyone in Canada is truly fearful to be who they are and hate everyone they wish to hate."

    Nevermind that this "community" makes up less than 5% of the population, let's pretend they are the oppressed ones when in reality they get checks for millions of dollars to do whatever with. It's such a rational position to take.

  9. Canada isn't going to survive until the next election 🙄 but hey he got the list right when he couldn't even state all the provinces, but probably left alberta out on purpose as we are only a colony that they take all the resources from and no rights

  10. My gf works as a surgery nurse.. Did anyone else know that a sex change is paid for by tax payers in Canada? Yep, guys are cutting off their dcks on your dollar! It's an extremely expensive surgery.. My gf said they are insanely busy. Multiple snips a day… Wrap your head around that.. Our tax dollars! Meanwhile, try to book a needed surgery in Canada.. Good luck! Ppl are suffering while we are spending hundreds of millions on snipping sausages off.

  11. I think this tax money would be better put to healthcare of people with actual problems, not problem children wanting fake sex change operations influenced by the bandwagon of corrupt media or delusional parents.

  12. What's really wrong about this form of Legislation is, THIS sets a president that future Prime Ministers continue this practice of Handing out Public Money on any Identifies/Exposed Group(s) that these Criminal Rule Makers they decide to "Shower" public funds to, without debating these ideas and policies.. VERY UNDEMOCRATIC..

  13. this country is a circus full of clowns including all of you just watching this go on ! You PPL SHOULD ALL GET A MEDAL FOR BEING COWARD while your country is being cut into pieces 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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