Justin Trudeau Condemns “Harassment” of Journalists – While Harassing Journalists – Viva Clip

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  2. Calling out lies and injustice is a command not harassment. Trudys comment comes from someone with no moral fabric. An Opinion and the right to voice it is in the Charter his Dad help write.

  3. I want to see a Viva 'troll' attachment for the end of a pen/pencil. It'd be so cool. But I guess that's an old-fashioned idea now. Anyway, it's no surprise when Trudeau is a hypocrite, his whole career is based on that.

  4. Condemns "harassment" of his publicly bankrolled journalists. Yet, he has no qualms about ordering the harassment of injured Veterans who speak out against him. Yes, that sounds about right.

  5. Pure concentrated 'pee water' is the only completely unacceptable personality in all of Canada. A genius in his own way, he hasn't missed a single beat in how to completely destroy (abort) a country that was once consider one of the best only 7 years ago and could have shown the world that was pregnant (till terminated post birth) with pure future opportunity. Now we are quickly becoming 'Third World' and it won't change in the near future – Grrrrrrrrr
    " One of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." – Plato

  6. journalists (activists) must be having a tough time… not easy knowing the majority of Cnd,s, not the fringe, dislike them, script reading puppets that destroyed live,s & with a smile.

  7. Viva !!!!
    Find the death rolls , you know when someone dies in Canada the death certificate gets filled out and social security is notified. Well I bet the death roll dates would correlate when Trudeau pushed … the…V .
    The dates of how many people died on a graph compared to rollout ..

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