Justin Trudeau Talking About the “Politics of Division” is the MOST GASLIGHTING THING EVER!

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  1. A complete a-hole. Remember he is the expert at dividing Canada. YOU are NOT Canadian if you are not from Quebec. Do you believe in science. POLLING SCIENCE is not science. polls were what the Liberals used to justify having you be a guinea pig for big pharma.
    This turd that is in Ottawa is NOT good for the country. He had become the laughing stock of the world and is despised by much of the world leaders. But bought and paid for main stream media censored that fact for Canadians.
    #trudeaumustgo #liberalpartymustgo #ndpmustgo

  2. Trudeau is a complete and utter piece of human excrement. He is a traitorous, disingenuous, irrationally selfish fool, and hypocrite. He is perhaps the worst thing Canada has ever manifest, and I hope going forward that more people with consider the long term and philosophical consequences of their decisions when voting and supporting vapid ideologies.

  3. Justin Time Trudeau wants to abolish his Opposition Party, meaning any conservative based political interest group or Party.
    As seen during Covid, he will enact whatever he deems necessary to remove any opposition to his personal interests.

  4. Hard to imagine that isn’t a deepfake…. My lord is he delusional, mentally ill, and power hungry. A member of his own party said he used divide and conquer tactics around the V issue, and he did. Except he got one thing wrong here; it didn’t work well, it backfired and he barely won a minority and now can’t go anywhere without getting heckled, and will likely get booted soon. Seriously sick individual.

  5. From the most DIVISIVE politician in Canadian history!
    If there is a protest any where in the world, Trudeau is with them. If it's in Canada, he arrests them.
    Most Canadians do not want him out, we want him in JAIL!

  6. Plot twist: Justin Trudeau has been a deep fake this whole time. There is no real person running our country into the ground… And they would've got away with it had it not been for you pesky kids!

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