Justin Trudeau’s Concerted Effort to Crush Descent – with Greg Wycliffe

After Trudeau set an unprecedented standard in Canada for how to engage with people protesting, creator and songwriter Greg Wycliffe was put in a position of possibly having his livelihood taken from him because of his form of content and his involvement in documenting the Freedom Convoy.

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  1. @Greg Wycliff – Nice to know another brave hero! Yes, the only important thing is to care about our own country. Since 1960 we are drilled to focus on everybody else and that there are so many 'poor people' out there. //Love from a war torn Sweden 💙💛💙

  2. Truck our country! Truck our government! Truck all the poopy people that are so stupid that they go along with this poopy attack on our people. (That’s the most “polite” way i could say that)

  3. thanks immigrants for voting for a guy who fucks up the country you are trying to invade at least when you take over and pretend you own this land it will be worthless after your ignorance destroys it with poor POOR decision making.

  4. Like any true narcissist/sociopath, Justin Trudeau cannot EVER admit he was wrong about ANYTHING! We all know the truth about him and his totalitarian ambitions. He is so weak that any form of compromise is impossible so a heavy hand is his only recourse. He is a dangerous man, a WEF groupie, unable to think for himself, he is only capable of following Krause Schwabs instructions. Such a simpleton!

  5. This is why I do not go to protests
    I was there for the G20 in Toronto
    There were false flaggers and people looking to intentionally misrepresent you yes there were bad individuals at that protest but there was also provocateurs and I've witnessed them firsthand.
    If we want to make as much ground this weekend but it has to be a social move and this is why they are censoring us on social media I have to expose this to the general public to the point they can't deny it's going on going on as we see what the Twitter files.
    Our movement has to be social it's got to be appealing to the general public and downright wholesome too.
    Our movement must be able to stand on its ideas alone regardless what happens to any of us.
    So we need to become viral media

  6. Greg is courageously stubborn. The fact that he didn’t use Vaseline when the Liberal goons bent him over is respectable. Does JT stutter when he’s inside you?

  7. I can't just blame Trudeau it's Jagmeet standing with him. Liberals and NDP are mainly the WEF Party. Go ahead check out who's a member and research the WEF be ready for the unbelievable views that takes your freedom and your country from you the people , Canadians watchout please.

  8. The Turd has exposed himself since he LIED, as all LIEberals will, when he championed VOTE REFORM way back in 2015, then instantly reneged on it when he was swept into POWER. VOTE REFORM would have ended the LIEberal stranglehold on POWER in the East, specifically the GTA. This would have led to a more Fair and Honest Voting System and Seat demographics. Instead, the GTA holds the POWER for all of Canada.
    So remember, when 98% of the country can't stand how Canada is run, it is literally run out of the GTA.

    The list of LIEberal Scandals and Incompetence is a very, Very, VERY LONG one.

    The one thing they have been Extremely good at is being Divisive. Pitting Left against Far Left, against Centrists (The Majority of Canadians), against the Right.

    If you are looking for a Definition of an Awful Government, look no further than the LIEberals and his Turdship.

    LIEberals, it's in the name. MARXIST by Nature. SOCIALIST with Policies. COMMUNIST once in Power.

  9. Is the PM trying to get rid of staircases going down? Getting rid of descent? Is that what the problem is? I know it is a cheap shot but you guys are so much fun to mock.

  10. Omar KADR ISIS terrorist-kills American soldier and our fukked up government awards him millions in compensation—meanwhile truckers are mandated out of their livelihoods'-accounts frozen-insurance to be banned ——fukkkkkkkkk you Trudeau

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