Justin Trudeau’s Own Brother Joins TrudeauMustGo Trend – Kyle Kemper

Kyle Kemper, Trudeau’s half brother shares his view on the TrudeauMustGo Trend, coming out in full support with Canadians telling his sibling to step down.

Kyle Kemper’s tweet:

Daily Wire:

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  1. The Prime Minister must go but all proponents of the World Economic Forum and it's agenda must be banned from Canada. Just because the Prime Minister would be gone it doesn't mean that the real problem won't be gone. There will always be someone else to promote the WEF'S agenda.

  2. I think it's Freid Kemper (pronounced like freed….as in freedom….as in NOT Canada at the moment). Good for JT's brother. I've often wondered if his mother Margaret still is proud of Justin.

  3. Screw Twitter Buttfully. Those wokeass Justin lovers banned a President of the U.S. because he was one of us, who spoke like us and thought like us. Fuckem… Still, this punk must go.

  4. Thanks for another great video Clyde!

    JSYK, a DAO is a "Decentralized Autonomous Organization" where no single person or group is in control of the governance and decision-making.

    Instead, DAOs are the hopeful solution for more democratic governance of groups and organizations of the future. Time will tell if and when this ultimately proves to be true. Cheers!

  5. The problem with that 'Russell Brandesque' argument is that it pre-supposes that its the SYSTEMS themselves which are corrupt. It isn't. Its the PEOPLE who buy their way into the system controls. We have a CHARACTER problem not a system problem.

  6. Thank you, Kyle. You are brave to stand up and be counted. I
    know you love him and hopefully he'll listen to you before
    things get worse. We can't know what he has on his mind. I
    think he needs a break too. God bless !

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