K Mart Flash mob VIctoria

A group of ballsy Victorians went to K-Mart and made a spectacle.

What do you think?


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  1. Without customers these conglomerate corporations are nothing ! They are depriving us of our human rights by segregating and by conforming and promoting the use of tracking of all citizens. Boycott these corporations like the plague ! Shop where there is humanity and human rights.

  2. I was not allowed into any shops at Eastland shopping centre just because I chose not to get 💉. Jb hifi, target, Kmart and Vodafone fuck you for bending over to the corrupt pol itic ians and discriminating against humanity. I will never ever till the day I die spend a cent in your establishment or online. My message to run you out of business will go with me wherever I am on the planet. I never felt so humiliated in my life. Fuck you government fuck you people who support this crap and most of all fuck you Australia for waisting 20 years of my life in this shit hole of a country.

  3. These noisy tantrums are bad for the cause. It is in fact counter productive & does nothing but cement the ignorant in their beliefs. Hell, the brainwashed sheeple don't even know what they don't know. Stand with placards of simplified educational messages and online search addresses, be approachable and encourage questions. Teach them. Then, when the jabbed learn of all the lies they have been told, they will go batshit crazy and do all the protesting

  4. It still feels surreal that we aren’t allowed to go into regular shops such as Kmart without submitting to a medical treatment.

    In what world is that even remotely ok?

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