Kabul Falls to the Taliban as Biden Hides from the Public in Disgrace

Biden lost Afghanistan:


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  1. When You see how US is treating its allies it is quite possible that soon they run out of friends. World is watching very carefully what is now going on in Afghanistan and Europe.

  2. Biden may have given the Taliban an excuse to take over the country…but you're naïve to think they wouldn't have done it in any case. (Scorpion)

  3. And once again the American people don't care. They won't stand up for their own children man. They're not going to stand for anything. This country is not what it was and big business and politicians have made sure that

  4. well 10,000,000 people can fight for their freedom or be enslaved same thing for america if you want your freedoms fight to keep them or be enslaved.

  5. This is disgusting. We are truly living in hell world. I am sorry for the innocent people of Afghanistan. The Afghan Army and the non Taliban men should hang their heads in shame.

  6. 20 years of sacrifices by both the soldiers who fought there and the native population …all done for at a stroke of a pen by a mumbling idiot, that won't even remember that the next day….wow, just fu/*ing wow

  7. biden does not belong in that white house making decisions. President Trump won in a massive landslide and I'm sick of pussying around it because "hate speah" or those asswipe leftist might call me a name. People are dying all over the world because of these corporate loving ass kissing dems! Styx is spot on that the only reason Afafghanstan is in this situation is the dems had to make Trump look bad! Couldn't let Trump have another victory for 2024! Tyrants! Thats what they are Tyrants.

  8. Cops show up at a place answering a complaint and make a few arrests while hanging out harassing people and flexing some muscle. As soon as they leave the party gets noisy again.
    This is my shocked face ?

  9. And now millions more will die as a direct result of Biden’s continued bombing campaigns that will now flatten Kabul anyway since the Taliban are all over it.

  10. Why would trump want to be reinstate they are making sure things are as bad as they can get
    Let the commie liberals stay and Nswer for their own catastrophic failures
    God bless america
    Hello from uk

  11. history doesn't repeat itself but it rhymes.
    i see pictures a video of taliban with abandoned weapons, even helicopters, madness!
    if does weapons had to be left behind, why wasn't it blown up? madness!

  12. Fun Fact: The Soviet Union finished its pull out of Afghanistan in Feb. of 1989. The Soviet Union collapsed in Dec. of the following Year.
    How we feeling about the future Comrades?

  13. Biden just proved he hates this country and wants it to be a 3rd world country and wants Afghanistan to be a 3rd world country to stay that way.