Kamala & Biden’s Endless Circle of Hypocrisy!

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Edited by Koki Miyazaki

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#TheJimmyDoreShow is a hilarious and irreverent take on news, politics and culture featuring Jimmy Dore, a professional stand up comedian, author and podcaster. With over 5 million downloads on iTunes, the show is also broadcast on KPFK stations throughout the country.

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


  1. Someone needs to tell these dudes that marijuana fries your brain. Please don't legalize it any further and get another generation of pot heads in society. I mean how much drugs do Americans need to consume? The nation is already drugged out of their minds…so high on drugs that they can't get off their asses to stop the pervert pedofiles preying on their own kids. Fried brain parents letting their little kids go to Drag Queen story hour to be entertained by perverts. Its like a death by a thousand cuts. If everyone is smoking marijuana like Max says then this country has no chance.

  2. What a god-awful choice the corrupt political parties have given us. A dementia -addled corporate owned neocon who still thinks it's 1980 versus a two bit huckster dimwit megalomaniac .
    This is why the self serving two party system has to be abolished asap .

  3. Single payer Healthcare. Smh. When will you learn. Corporations would win. They would pay nothing in Healthcare and pay employees half of what they used to make in by cutting healthcare benefits. Meanwhile the working stiffs taxes skyrocket to pay for Healthcare of people who smoke weed and drink alcohol and don't work. That system sounds great for lazy fucks who don't want to contribute you know like every fucking college kid in America. So the future looks like it would be filled with lazy fucks with their hands out and noone who wants to work. Why should they?

  4. Yea lol the rational is to sell and project the rave promoter to Harris/Biden’s 94 crime bill. The things they go through to plant some drugs on you than find a reason to send these scrubs to arrest you.

  5. That's why people around the world hide from the US when you got something going man! The enders of fun, prospering,peace… These people man! Who stole their candy?

  6. The world would start to heal, politically economically and environmentally without the US intervention to give the world “freedom and peace” with bombs and sanctions.

  7. Biden has a history of saying racist and bigoted things. He bragged about working with segregationists. Now he has a running mate who's the descendant of slave owners.

  8. Why in the tarnation did Biden (old, white, discombobulated white guy) pick this vengeful, spiteful biotch as a running mate especially after she called him a racist? Does not make sense. Maybe she was chosen by the consortium.

  9. We don't want Trump gone, for these corrupt Dems who scream the hysteria your guest refers to. These hysterical clowns cheering on mob violence get into power? No no no. Obviously I rethink each election cycle, but right now they haven't earned respect , much less power

  10. Trump's trying to educate Americans as to the corruption of China. Wake up lefties…even you Jimmy Dore—China is our biggest enemy and they're working hard to take us down. Trump is right.

  11. R u kidding me!? U wish Trump would step down?! Why the hell would he do that!? He earned his spot and we voted for him and so far he has done awesome job with the most unethical media and politicians a sitting POTUS has ever had to deal with, with the exception of Lincoln. So what if he gets on Twitter (which is a big cause of the problem we have in our country ) and trolls these asshole, 2faced deplorable animals. Most people love it. I do. He is saying what a lot of people have been thinking for along time. HE IS NOT A RACIST, WARMONGER, NAZI OR FASCIST. IF HE WAS THEN WHY THE HELL ARE CITIES IN OUR COUNTRY BURNING AND THE NORMAL CITIZENS LOSING THIER LIVELY HOODS AND LIVES? Please don't say its because he likes the riots. He has said many many times he would help and the dem politicians have said no! One actually said yes and what u know, it stopped. Dems are playing a sick game with people and it's dispicable! Makes me sick to think I ever went along with their BS! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

    ??Trump /Pence 2020??

  12. ALL A SETUP !!!! They are ment to FOLD like Turncoat BERNIE intentionally folded. THE FIX IS IN FOR TRUMP !!! This two party system is actually ONE Elites party to give Americans the illusion of choice. JFK was the last true president chosen democratically.

  13. The horrendous Biden/Harris ticket was created to give drumpf an indisputable landslide victory. I can't wait until November 3rd to be proven right.

    The DNC only answers to their corporate masters, not the American people.

    Biden and Harris are pawns set up to fail. The oligarchy that rules over us knows damn well that nobody wants these pieces of shit in office.

    This is why mainstream media not only fabricates polls; it is also omitting facts (Tara who?) and blatantly lying about every aspect of their political and personal histories.

    It's all a theatrical illusion of choice.

    Our one-party plutocrats are overjoyed to have a moronic scapegoat goat like IQ45. He is the gift that keeps on giving.

    There isn't ANYTHING that Democrats can't blame him for, even when they sign off on it as well.

    That way when they all conspire to screw over the taxpayers in favor of tax-dodging corporations; they can just blame the dotard.

    So the game will continue with "both" parties giving each other high-fives in private while feigning disgust in public.

  14. It’s incredibly misleading to seem to equate the situation in California’s public schools before bussing (and that still exists now in many cases since the end of bussing) to the system of school segregation that existed in the south under Jim Crow. It just isn’t accurate to casually imply that government imposed school segregation is the same as the racism and economic factors which lead to mostly black or mostly Latino schools existing in communities with mostly black or mostly Latino children and families. If these things are bad, and if Biden was wrong to oppose bussing, then why the hell isn't explicitly race-based bussing a thing now? Why do people talk about the kind of thing that Harris didn’t have to deal with (because of bussing) as if it is in the past? Bussing ended, largely leaving the underlying disparities unaffected. I’m not much younger than she is and bussing was over when I was in school, and schools are not very much less segregated (in the sense she uses the term) as they were before bussing was implemented. Where the hell is Harris now? Is she calling for re-implementation of bussing? Hell no! Nobody has any interest in re-implementing bussing. How the hell can Biden be shamed for not going along with a 70s political fad that ended 40 years ago that nobody has any interest in resurrecting despite the underlying problem it was meant to fix never being fixed?!?!

  15. Biden could’ve just asked her if she supports bussing now. Then he could have pointed out that bussing ended in the 80s and so we never fixed the problem. It’s like a pro life person chiding a pro life person for not being pro choice In the 70s. Did you not think this through? What are you even talking about? And the worst part is nobody even called her on it!!!! WRF America?!?!

  16. Before you vote for anyone, you must know what the VICE PRESIDENT is all about, because they could be the next president, and with Biden's Rigor Mortis, kamala has a more than good chance of being the next president of the United States.

  17. Boiling babies is an interesting statement, because people are still forgetting that babies are being sacrificed – – – and who do they think is doing that? read, read, read, read!!!