Kamala CAUGHT Using CHILD ACTORS For Space Video | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar break down the strange promotional video taken by Vice President Kamala Harris for NASA that featured child actors in what has become her latest blunder

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  1. Kamala Harris is a win/win for the Biden admin. A win for diversity virtue signaling, and a win for payback for 'bus' comments during the debates. If the "Immigration Czar" isn't a complete side step for Biden, and setup for spotlight on Kamala's ineptitiude, I don't know what is.

  2. Cringe, vapid statements from KH in the commercial. Pathetic that they used actors lol. I guess competency and integrity are too much to ask for these days. At least Breaking Points has that part figured out.

  3. Number one, the US population consists of less than 5 percent of the world and YouTube has international users. Those polls are how the world feels.
    Trump's popular because the world enjoys watching him destroy the country in entertainment fashion. He's just entertainment worldwide and problems domestically. I don't expect your polls to appreciate anything Truly working for America, because this is 100% Republican in nature..
    Many people can't seem to understand Roman Republics or Greek Democracy.

    Number two, you enjoyed all Donald Trump's paid actors whether they were from the audience or celebrity puppets putting on a show. So we have no problem with Trump boldfaced lies, charades, acts, cons and inconsistencies, but this is the problem..Motivation actors to inspire kids?
    I really hope you folks get paid well to scrutinize everything left, liberating, or in the business of freedom and prosperity.

  4. KH is so embarrassing and cringe. Biden is just sad to watch because he’s at that age where you take your grandparent’s car keys away so they don’t hurt anyone driving to coco’s at 3pm for dinner, and he’s the leader of the most powerful nation on the planet.

  5. Reality TV show stars are actors. It is "real life" but yet they are labeled actors nonetheless.

    If you believe this video to be truth or bs you are part of the problem. I'm the problem and really can't stand any of you. Have a good night.

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