Kamala Delivers GOBBLEDYGOOK Answer On Abortion | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar lambast Vice President Kamala Harris for her gobbledygook answer when asked about abortion action and Dem failures in a CBS news interview

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Tobias Harris:

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  1. Compared to her past statements, this one isn’t really that bad. I get where she was coming from at least. I don’t think she has anything to say because she doesn’t believe in anything. She will do and say whatever seems politically auspicious.

  2. She sums up the competency of the entire Democrat party. Entirely. From establishment neo-libs to the far-left.
    Total and thorough ridiculousness.
    Stop rewarding and enabling Democrats.

  3. Ok. So when Millennials get what you want, which is into power, don't you think you will face just as harsh judgments? Do you think Washington changes because you think you know everything? Just crticizing does not a leader make, and there is alot to criticze right now. But I am not sure this is helping frightened, tramatized people of the United States. Please think more carefully about the climate to which your commentary is flowing

  4. I'm pro choice. But what the fuck was the left thinking? Abortions up to 40 weeks? Abortion should be government funded? Celebrating abortion?

    This is all over the top for a lot of the country. Had the left said, "it's a private decision you can make, if you can pay for it, thanks roe!"

    But no, it had to be over the top, the right had the perfect issue to strategize around and push back on, it worked

  5. i remember before there was breaking points it was hard to find real news worth watching and i was praying for something real and then yall started doing yalls own thing and could not have been prouder of yall for making a reliable and ethical source of info on YouTube.

  6. I was so filled with hope, now she’s proven to be a massive disappointment , I’m really losing faith in the political process, they work hard to get in and once in they sit on their hands

  7. She accidentally told the truth: to most mainstream liberals this "issue was settled" and the anti-abortion activists were just idiots arguing with the weather. I've been warning people that this was coming for 20 years but, like Harris, they just couldn't believe it.

  8. I'm happy that BIden feels better about himself for having chosen a black woman. I mean that's pretty much the only positive thing about her being in the white house, but it's still a win, depending on how low you set the bar.

  9. Could it be that Harris was forbidden from making any statements on the topic by POTUS? As to not upstage Biden? It sounded like she was trying to say something while being not allowed to say certain words, like a parlor game.

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