Kamala Harris Blunders Badly in Chat With Stephen Colbert, Basically Admits She’s A Liar


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  1. I really think that hillary doesn't like kamala. Maybe. Just maybe, kamala harris should keep an eye on her body guards.

  2. If you can't field questions from Stephen fucking Colbert, you are not who we want to be our leader talking to Putin, period.

    I'm not convinced Biden isn't already some kind of animatronic frankenstein. You know Grant from Mythbusters died? Know what he was a world-leading expert in? Robots for movies. He ran R2D2 in the prequels. Look at Biden speaking. I'm honestly wondering if Grant was hired by the DNC to make the zombie-robot-Biden-puppet, and they had him killed when the job turned out to be impossible.

  3. Bitin' Joe Biden, U.S.S.S. codename "Stinkfinger", and his running mate Kamala "Deez Neez" Harris, U.S.S.S. codename "Rugburn" are the worst pairing in history.

  4. Are there any good 2019 articles I can share on these Kamala claims of racism and saying she believes the accusers? The only articles on the issue are recent ones that have been fully propaganda'd to cover this up.

  5. Think of these times as extended Halloween. When we were little kids every movie showed the bad guys wearing masks. So I just told my kid everybody wearing a mask is a bad guy or doing Halloween and to laugh at them

  6. Don't worry if Biden was to win Kamala would be the first woman President cause Hillary will slip into Joe and Jill's room and put a pillow over Joe's face then have her way with Jill.

  7. No. Kamala Harris will not make it to the White House either. Not as VP, and not as President. There was a cover-up in California of pedophile priests in the Catholic Church. The prosecutor, who was supposed to rescue those children, and throw those priests in jail, INSTEAD, protected the priests, worked out a deal with the Carholic Church, and hid the priests' records from the victims' families, ( who requested those files ). The families' had lawyers, who were prevented from getting the priests' records. Guess who the prosecutor was, who "colluded" with these pedophile priests in California? Kamala Harris… And, she wants to be Vice President, or President? Ask her about this? Force her to answer. She's a disgrace!!!

  8. Part of me says, No way in hell can this joke of a ticket called Biden/Harris 2020 win against Trump or anyone for that matter. The other part of me simply fears the mail in voter fraud. If the DemoRats can screw up the voting count just long enough until mid-January, Nancy Pelosi will step in as President and undo EVERYTHING (and them some) that Trump has done so far for this country.
    I made the mistake of voting in the primary. I wish i had waited to go to the polls and cast my vote. That's the only system I trust.
    But, anyway, great video as always!

  9. Burgie.How do you know so much?What in God's name makes you so omniscient?This is what fox fake news does.You and they puke out some ignorant conspiracy theory you just pulled out of your ass,and expect some moron to buy it..Pathetic.Ut also insults my intelligence.

  10. How many "normal" people do you have in america?And do you know all of them and what they think?This is the way
    trump does it.He tells a stupid lie, and people are stupid enough to believe him.

  11. Two racist leftist retards Kamala Harris and Stephen Colbert having a conversation about how they're going to bullshit, then lock up Black and Latino people… Awwww

  12. Apparently the man who had all the streets named after him is irrelevant these days. EVERYTHING is about RACE. Kamalaladingdong is just a token non-white person–the first requirement for the dumassocrats.

  13. She is literally the first diversity hire, authority action VP pick, lmao. Imagine reversing the pick by saying you will only choose a straight, white, man as your VP regardless of their qualifications, personality, actions, etc.