Kamala Harris CACKLES Over Ukraine Crisis

Kamala Harris is known for her penchant to laugh at inappropriate times, but few times have been more inappropriate than a recent joint press conference in Poland with the Polish president when Harris burst into laughter in response to a question about Ukraine’s refugee crisis. Almost as bad has been the condescending gender-based “defense” of Harris’ actions from the cast of The View, especially since they immediately follow up their apologia with criticisms of another woman politician, Sarah Palin.

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger express bewilderment at the cast of The View’s lack of self-awareness and general low-wattage political analysis.

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  1. almost 1 million!! LETS GOOOO!!! very proud you passed Kyle Kullinski, he was good too, before he decided to pick the side of loyalty to a tyrannical Turk. I don't always watch your channel Jimmy but you deserve 1 million and more if you keep up this honest reporting.

  2. Sunny should go work for Kamala seeing as she is severely inept and spouts nonsense. Will fit right in. Pretty insane how the establishment pays shows like The View and Jimmy Kimmel to spew sewer water into the ears of their viewers.

  3. Can’t wait for season 2 of The Real House Husks of D.C. when they demand journalists be hanged in the town square for reporting information from the war zone that contradicts their own propaganda campaigns.

  4. People who know something and hold at least some guilt for what”s going on like they know how it was planned at the very least and has to play stupid and she can’t hide the truth. Most people aren’t good or prefect liars and that’s a good thing for really good liars are always dangerous. Everyone has known Kampala is a worthless tool.

  5. Let's be honest here, the view is a program for the acceptance of the establishment that caters for the mentally challenged AND mentally retarded because that is the only audience that it reaches.

  6. Carlton Tucher is walking into a field of land mines being critical of U.S. policy regarding the Ukraine war and the insanity of U.S. politicians haters pushing for World War Three with Russia.

  7. SPECULATION – Biden to step down from Presidency end of the year. Kamala to become President(that was the plan all along) BUT VP choice Hilary Clinton.

  8. Why are not any brilliant women on The View, instead of these morons? 
    The women sitting on the couch watching The View and eating ice cream with Nancy Pelosi are not the. brightest light bulbs in the country either, 
    Most the citizens o the US are brainwashed zombies being led to the abyss like lemmings from the corporate-state propaganda they are fed 24/7!

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