Kamala Harris Forced To CANCEL Event Due To Low Ticket Sales! Political Career OVER.


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  1. Bunch of Kamala praising college students couldn't name any accomplishments she did except being a black female. When told her poll numbers they blames racism & sexism. LOL

  2. Due to increasing dementia, in 2021, Joe Biden created a federal holiday on THE WRONG DATE. First time we had that happen by a President. 6th December celebrates ALL black slaves were freed, not 19th June.

    Has Joe Biden ever heard of the 13th Amendment? Likely not.

  3. Never forget. Kamala Harris Emhoff refused to prosecute several Catholic priests for sexually molesting children and later, she received thousands of dollars in campaign monies from several Catholic not for profit organizations.

    She also put several African American men in prison on intentionally false evidence. She knew what she did. Fortunately, these wrongfully prosecuted and imprisoned African American men were later freed from prison.

    Kamala Harris Emhoff is Asian, not African American.

  4. She was picked for and still is Joe Bidens Life Insurance. No assassin would even think of hurting a hair on his head knowing she's the replacement. The smartest move Biden has ever made.

  5. So what I got from some of them being the 5 year old that I am is Work together as we work together to Work together . isn't there an Easier way to say that for the 4 year olds 😆😆😆😆😆

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