Kamala Harris is TRIGGERED By the U.S.-Mexico Border!

She hasn’t been to Europe either.


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  1. I would expect anyone to implode when asked unfair, gas-lit, insane, fiery questions such as, "When are you going to the border?" ?
    They couldn't survive one HOUR in Trump's shoes

  2. Is she wrong..? You just admitted it’s all for show going to the border. She’s right at least on this point. It does nothing for anyone.

  3. I have word at places that hire illegal immigrants as well as lived and worked in a town in California who's population is overwhelmingly illegal. Not once did I hear "Im fleeing earthquakes. California is safe from them".

    Every single one I talked to said the same thing, money. Every two weeks on payday, the western union line is packed and every one of them is sending money to Mexico or sending money to a family member who's locked up my ICE.
    How do I know where the money was sent? I ran the damn western union machine… for years. Every couple of weeks I would have to stop doing my normal job at the store and spend 8 hours+ on that western union terminal.
    The rest of the week I would check out those same people at the register where the most common form of payment was a welfare card.

    Biden is full of crap.

  4. Reporters should just keep asking her that same question until she starts losing all her hair. I wanna see her go nuclear on live television.

  5. I like your shirt! I've visited FL every year since '02 to see my Dad, where we fished for shark. He passed away last March. I feel like all my ocean rods are going to rust now.

  6. By her logic, if climate change is causing the problem and she’s all about going to the root of the problem, why doesn’t she go to the Arctic circle?

  7. The aggravating thing is that it's literally her job. We're not asking her to address a past controversy, or release some documents that only partisans care about like a birth certificate or tax documents, in that her obstinance would be justified, but man is she a…

  8. It doesn't sit right with that they want to reward those staying illegally. I understand a path to citizenship for "dreamers", because they were minors and educated in America, but everybody else? No shot!

  9. Hold it hold it hold it! People have been throwing around this 11 million undocumented population for about 20 years now. Yet it keeps going up every single year by roughly 1 million. It can't possibly only be 11 million. It's somewhere in the range of 35 to 50 million.

  10. Democrats during the Obama administration: Oh, we have more pressing issues than immigration right now.
    Democrats during the Trump administration: Building a wall at our border is un-American and racist!!!
    Democrats during the Biden administration: Oh, we have more pressing issues than the border right now.

    Democrats use immigration as a campaign slogan, not as a policy they are really interested in pursuing.