Kamala Harris Not Visiting Border Crisis, Chooses to Go to El Paso Instead



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  1. OH looky she going to El paso where the problem is not as bad she really needs to go to harrisburg or Dona or any other southern border town to really see the root causes. There are only 2 reasons I can think of why she is doing this now, one reason is because president trump headed to the border on June 30th so she has to go to avoid being shamed and look like a fool although she already looks like one. The second reason is because the midterms for demonrats in 2022 the polls on this issue are looking really bad and the DNC is pressuring her to go, you see even with fluff push polls the resident at 30% if not less, and it's beginning to show and it has the DNC worried. Just remember once congress goes to the GOP with america first people in those seats, either the resident or soon to be heels up harris assuming the president power are lame duds pass 2022.

  2. This shit writes itself. The corrupt activist media shadow Guatemala Harris and film footage showing things aren't that bad and they will superimpose that footage onto Trump and his visit and try to give viewers the impression that Trump and Abbott are exaggerating. Bet.

  3. I grew up in Austin but have lived in El paso, Brownsville, San Benito and had family in all of those places. For sure El Paso is where she would go. She has no integrity or spine. ?? If that desert could talk… but it is way better than other spots. My uncle was a border agent pre and post wall. Trust me. It helped. He had some crazy stories to tell from the El paso side.

  4. Her ONLY reason for not going to the heaviest area of impact is to make a piss poor claim of plausible deniability. And to try and be trolled by Trump. Which he EXPERTLY did by the way. Even then she went to an area of small activity to hence make a claim of going. Now wait a day and she'll say it was a planned trip all along.. riiiiight.

  5. I believe El Paso is one the largest LEGAL crossings into the US, if you are coming to the US legaly, work visa/green card/citizenship, this is one of the places you go.

  6. Everyone gird your loins for the puff pieces and the weeks worth of praise for Saint Kamala. There will be an nbc special with drone shots as Kamala kneels down to wash the dirty little feet of the poor Mexican kids.