Kamala Harris PRANKED With Fake Phone Call, Accepts Dirt On Trump From Foreigners

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Written by Timcast

Tim Pool opinions and commentary channel


  1. I love how you completely dismiss Biden right at the beginning by saying Harris is running for president. We all know Biden will be 'retired' for 'health reasons'.

  2. I honestly can't agree with Tim on that one. Listen to the recording, it sounds way different compared to the way he describes it when you have context.

    She kind of brushes Greta off when she's says yes definetely about getting the tape. Then she mentions working together but if you listen to the full audio she was almost 100% referring to working together on something related to climate policy as they had talked about before. I think Tim might be overhyping this one.

  3. I just cant. Everytime i see her name i only see what ''Kamala'' translates in Finnish, which literally means Terrible… You can doublecheck it if you want, its only my native language.

  4. You say this is different? This the exact same as the Russian chick that had the meeting in trump tower and then changed to talking about adoptions. Came out later that allegedly she was a CIA plant. But it was same thing about trying to get dirt

  5. We all know click bait is a job and we are better than this. To think you are on the right side of good vs evil is idiotic. YOU are bringing us ALL down

  6. Oh man I hope these are the same guys who got Adam Schiff to try buying "Trump nudes."

    Excepting a story about an opponent, from a foreigner, is not a crime.
    You are confusing that with the accusation that the FBI was using bogus information they knew was bogus, to spy.