Kamala Implicated In Biden Scandal As It Grows To HISTORIC Levels, Fake News And Big Tech DESPERATE

Kamala Implicated In Biden Scandal As It Grows To HISTORIC Levels, Fake News And Big Tech DESPERATE. Many other Democrats were listed in the business dealings of Hunter Biden as well.

A former business partner has delivered a trove of documents to the press in relation to his dealings with the Biden family and Chinese money. We now know that Joe was signing off on many of these deals proving he lied when he said he did not discuss business with his son.

But key contacts for their business dealings included many prominent Democrats including Kamala Harris who now conveniently is Joe Biden’s VP

Trump must bring up this historic scandal at the presidential debate tonight.


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. For Trump and his team to know all this at least a year ago, biting at the bit to release this information.
    Now I wonder if the DNC team, led by the hysterical Hillary Rotten Clinton, are happy with this choice. They had to know, of did they?

  2. Fake or not it needs to be looked into, obviously. Honest journalism will, at the very least let you know what is going on and what has been recently discovered. They can easily say whether or not it has been coroborated.. WHICH THIS INFORMATION HAS! Honest reporting is what's not happening with these so-called "NEWS" organizations. These organizations are clearly not a good source of anything.

  3. Listen to Mark Levin. The exact same thing was happening with Lincoln's election.
    If the Democrats had won, after the war, they were going to destroy the south as punishment, and the country would have been broken beyond all repair.
    We would not be the United (50) States of America. We would be like Africa. A Continent with as many as 50 different countries.
    So yes, it has been this dire in the past. How you can think Biden even has a snowball's chance in Hell, is beyond me though.
    Democrats are switching every day, and Trump's Rallies…there are thousands of people gathered there, a lot of them are Democrats!
    The people voting in person are polling more for Trump than Biden in the early in person voting, and Biden is loosing even in battleground states.
    Don't let that make you complacent though!!

  4. If Nancy stays Speaker of the House this might be the Democrats dirty plan. That is get both Kamala and Joe either arrested or impeached and for her to Jump into power as President. This might be the dirty plan y’all.

  5. No way can Biden win… they can only steal it with their election shenanigans– esp. Pennsylvania. They could get the Senate, though, and that's bad enough because they will then move to impeach over some other B.S. and unless a senator won't go along (hard to imagine) then they'll force Trump out so many won't be prosecuted and have their careers ruined.

  6. How in the world can anyone vote for such a person as Biden after knowing how he is and thinks and the disgusting background he has as a track record against him and his family? It behooves me to think anyone in their right mind would vote Democrat.

  7. Wow the Biden’s together with the communists ? That’s probably what’s making joe Biden go so crazy. Knowing what can come out of his corrupt actions to his family if he loses or gets caught. What he would loose. Everything he has ever worked for. Literally. Scary