Kamala Is A Cop Except For Billionaire Banksters!

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Edited by Koki Miyazaki

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


  1. From California. I wouldn’t vote for Harris. She is horrible and will absolutely say anything for power and then back room deal you. Biden is awful as well. I had high hopes for Bernie this time around but the DNC machine wouldn’t allow that and so once agin he was robbed. I’m 100% voting 3rd party in November. Yes we’re need Trump our but we also need the neoliberals out. In my opinion voting blue no matter who condones neoliberal corporate policies. We need progressives to not fall in line and unite to make any sort of real change.

  2. Max, nobody gives a shit about what George Bush did in 2005….that was 15 years ago.
    Although you should mention Netanyahu’s name when talking about war criminals, he’s the head of that snake after all.

  3. Hey Jimmy, 70% of unemployment recipients were earning MORE to stay home.
    Some of them have so much additional money they have become day traders on Robinhood and ploughing money into Wall Street…
    Does that sound like people that are starving to you?

  4. This poor guy is about to get blacklisted after exposing Netanyahu committing war crimes against the Palestinians.
    He touched the third rail.
    Although Jimmy remained strangely silent through that part?

  5. I think Bush is the worst president of my lifetime, But find it hilarious that the first American??Black president brought back slavery by destroying (Libya) the most successful countries in Africa & turning it into a failed state

  6. What’s the alternative jimmy you angry little weasel….watch the country burn down before our eyes. She’s what we have , we start from where we start. The country doesn’t embrace progressives yet ….stop cursing the darkness ,people are trying to light a candle…

  7. The thing is that Kamala Harris did go after the banks and won, which is why this is such a fraudulent video and nobody should believe this nonsense. Join Zoom Meeting

  8. The rioters in Chicago were looting because they are a generation that has been betrayed by Kamala Harris. That is an interesting insight. You might as well call the looting "reparations" like BLM does.

  9. I cannot believe we allowed them to do it to us again. WHAT you say? Another Presidential election of people who are both awful candidates while Bernie would have been so much better,but even Bernie skewed to be Pro (neocon,neoliberal, warmongering) Democrats.

  10. It sounds like Kamala actually was just shaking down Steve mnuchin just like the Reverend Al sharpton shakes down businesses for personal gain. She just come up with a number of 1000 crimes to up the stakes on how much money she could shake the business down for, chances are he committed no crimes.


    1. Immediate end to the US' foreign endless wars in Afganistan, Iraq and Syria.

    2. Immediate end the US' assistance to the illegal war in Yemen

    3. Immediate stop to the US' interventions, coups and regime changes in other countries like Venezuela, Cuba and Iran, including end to the illegal sanctions that are acts of war, and the reinstatement of the JCPOA with Iran.

    4. Reinstatement of the INF Treaty and immediate reduction of strategic nuclear weapons via a new comprehensive START treaty.

    5. End to US' assistance to Israel and its apartheid and slaughter of Palestinians, and the use of all means to force the creation of a viable Palestinians state in the West Bank and Gaza without any Israeli settlements.

    6. End of the current surveillance state via substantial reform of FISA and of the NSA.

    7. Enactment of new and better anti-secrecy laws that would end unnecessary government secrecy.

    8. Cancellation of the right of the US Govt to designate a citizen as "an enemy combatant" subject to indefinite detention under the 2012 NDAA.

    9. Full pardons to Manning, Assange and Snowden

    10. Closing of the Guantanamo Prison and relocation of its prisoners or grating them trial before a federal court.

    11. Substantial reduction in the budgets of the DOD, CIA, DHS, and NSA.

    12. End of use of federal troops against people protesting against racial injustice and killings

    13. Reform on the application of the qualified immunity defense that currently shields police brutality.

    14. Enactment of a Medical-For-All medical plan.

    15. Enactment of Green New Deal for the environment.

    16. Enactment of a new statute granting real econ. assistance to the People during the COVID-19 emergency.

    17. Enactment of statute with benefits and liabilities to promote relocation of US industries back to the US

    18. Promotion of labor rights and labor ownership of businesses.

    19. Nuremberg-type Trials and Prosecution of neocons for war crimes committed in Iraq, Afganistan and Syria.

    20. Demanding new and more fair trade treaties with Europe and China, that will include standard labor and environmental requirements.

    21. Constitutional Amendment limiting political donations and dark money in political campaigns

    22. Enactment of federal laws protecting free speech in internet social platforms like Facebook, Tweeter, and YouTube, such as designating them "public forums".

    23. Enactment of federal laws protecting journalists and whistleblowers denouncing war crimes and corruption.

    24. Enact a more equitable tax law that would better tax and collect taxes from billionares.

    25. Protect social security.

    26. Prioritise funds for improvement of the crumbling infrastructure.

    27. Grant citizenship to the Dreamers, but protect the borders while helping Central American countries improve their economies and political structures in order to desuade immigration from those countries ravaged by decades of wars and repression from US-backed rightwing politicians.

    28. Reinstate Glass-Steagell limits on banking.

    29. Establish a plan for controlling and repaying the federal deficit and the national debt.

    30. Election Day be turned into a full federal holiday.

    31. Enact laws protrecting the right to vote.

    32. Handle legalization of Marijuana on a state-by-state basis like in Colorado.


    Legalized weed should NOT be at the top of the progressive agenda. Only sick people would prioritize getting high over having a viable society, avoiding their country fall into fascism (like the US is heading), having normal relations with the rest of the world, or avoiding nuclear holocaust. That's why the first 31 of this list are WAYYYYYYY more important than the last one on legalizing weed.

  12. Most important point about Steve Mnuchin (in the Pulitzer prize winner's book HOMEWRECKERS) you get a deep dive into the UGLY Mnuchin deal to steal our homes on the governments dime. This is such a coup d'etat election. Read the book: Aaron Glantz’s “Homewreckers: How a Gang of Wall Street Kingpins, Hedge Fund Magnates, Crooked Banks, and Vulture Capitalists Suckered Millions Out of Their Homes and Demolished the American Dream.”

  13. Steve Mnuchin is in charge of the US Treasury, let that sink. The same guy who thinks the unemployed is lazy and making off like fat cats for getting 600 a week.

  14. i learnt more from being in my house then in the school system because the school system didnt care to teach me much

    i learnt some stuff enough to pass the MCAS but i learnt more from online and that is why i know that real learning cant come from online it comes from schools

    for online learning to be better then a school it means the teachers are horrible and need to be more like stef zamorano

  15. PLEASE people? Understand? Kamala Harris is "inauthentic"… She's not black. Kamala's just dark-skinned. She's like a trip to the paint store. Like tinted windows on a car. The Dems get to use her "color" to their advantage, ( they hope ), without having to dip into the bucket they truly want to avoid, ( a real African-American, descendant from slavery ). Kamala is a knock-off. She's counterfeit. Just like Obama. Color without content. Important ingredients are missing. Legitimizing ingredients. Her presidential campaign collapsed, because she tried to "cozy up" to black voters, pretending to be one of them. Kamala tried a dance move, a hip swivel, and a song. Kamala embarrassed herself. It was disrespectful to our culture, and disgusting. Kamala exposed herself. She's fraudulent. Black Americans weren't buying her "act". Especially, when she got black cultural references chronologically wrong. They saw right through her, and rejected her. Had she been honest, about her heritage, and her national origins, Kamala may have been able to garner support in minority communities all across America. But, no. She tried to be "slick". Same thing Elizabeth Warren tried to do, with her Native American impersonation "hoax". Talk about a slap in the face? Kamala is not the descendant of African-American slaves. She's descendant from a family of slave owners!! That's outrageous…. Unbelievable….. Who's supposed to be happy about that? About her? Just a new round of "manipulation". This time it's a little more multi-cultural than usual. Thanks to the DNC. The Dems. The image makers, and illusionists. Why are we still paying attention to the Democrat Party? Kamala's "black act" was rejected, when she tried it directly on black people, during her failed presidential campaign, several months ago. That's why her presidential campaign folded, and imploded. So, now Kamala is trying her black act again. This time Harris is trying her black act on white voters.

  16. I agree with most of what was said, but for Max Blumenthal to say that Israel is an Apartheid State is a lot of Crap. Is Howard University and other Blacck University created to deal with the oppression that Black People endured- Are they Apartheid Universities because they are almost all Black. No, because they were created to correct Racism and discrimination. Same thing for Israel.

  17. Bidens pick for VP. Well now you know how long you have to wait for a complete idiot ? Not half as as long for an incomplete one named Kamalla! Im not voting for that type of oppressors. With these 2 Biden and Kamalla they can continue thier war on the poor. Trump 2020