Kamala Just “SOLVED” Inflation

Another NON-ANSWER from the VP.

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  1. Reporter: What are you going to do about the inflation?
    Kamala: Ah, inflation. Noun form of inflate. Oh, the things that I can tell you about inflation. Yes, quite the topic, inflation. Three syllables! In conclusion, inflation is a situation that happens.

  2. This woman gives the term "Dumb As A Rock" a bad name. That's what you get when you elect a person Vice-President just be cause she is "half black" and has "Pu**y".

  3. This sounds like when you have 2 minutes left on an essay question before it’s due and you’re just writing the first thing that comes to mind with no idea what the question even was

  4. What are you going to do about inflation?
    Biden admin: don’t worry the inflation is transitory.
    2022: when will the vaccine mandate be cancelled?
    Biden admin: don’t worry its all transitory, just like Inflation!
    2023: why can’t people travel or buy food without vaccination cards?
    Biden : oh don’t worry its transitory
    2024: Why is America communist now?
    Biden: don’t worry its all transitory?

  5. I've seen needle pumping crack heads slumped over in phone boxes with bodily fluids leaking out of them, that make more sense and look more presentable than her.

    She's a laughing stock, a laughing cow if you will.

  6. And this idiot is the Vice President. That is one sick joke & God help America if the other moron is impeached. No wonder you have inflation when the Dems don't have clue what causes it…..Sheeeesh!

  7. Wowwww…. I'm sooooo glad she's taking it seriously!!!!
    In just 10 months we went to the BEST economy ever to the worst inflation in over 30 years!!!
    If you voted for this cluster f*** I got something for you…
    I mean, I know that doesn't matter. They stole the election. It's the ONLY scenario that makes sense. But democrats lie and cheat. Which i wouldn't be so against if they weren't completely fucking everything up! And I mean EVERYTHING. If they did just ONE thing that made things better for us, maybe…MAYBE, I wouldn't be so afraid to face the hard times we are going through…. and this is only going to get worse every day thet these corrupt socialist imbitards are in control

  8. Knee pads Harris knows cannabis prices have gone man I feel you people how can't afford good weed man it's like a bummer so if you grow the weed the price won't go up like build back better man can you dig it man Hahaha

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