Kamala & Pelosi Embarrassing Attempt To Explain Ukraine

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  1. Hunter has the same sugar daddy as Zelenskii. Igor Kolomoiski. Zelensky is worth $1.6 billion.

    Big question is why no US media talks about it and instead bashing Anti-Russia propaganda on us? Including FOX.

    And now our own taxes going to Ukr in the form of arms to cover all of it up and by pumping Ukr full of weapons we contribute to peoples suffering and fascism spreading.

  2. My question is, after they give us a Lynskey what he’s asking for, and World War III kicks off, where did Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats go with Russia launches their ICBM’s at the US in retaliation?

    I’m having a hard time understanding the rationale behind why they wanna start a conflict with Russia. Why do The Democrats have this ongoing conflict with Russia? What is the fetish with always wanting to poke the bear in the eye? Just like France Odessa eternal debt of gratitude for coming to their rescue in World War II, although we did come late, the German war machine had already did most of what they wanted to with them by the time we got there. But in the case of Russia, without them we would have more than likely lost World War II. Or it would’ve resulted with us not just nuking Japan but also Germany, which would’ve been to crimes instead of one. We psychologically destroyed Japan for 3 to 4 generations to come. Yeah we fix the country and built it back up after we demolished it but there’s no way to repair the psychological damage that we caused to the Japanese people.

    And so now they want to antagonize the second largest holder of a nuclear arsenal in the world, after establishing this conflict by trying to turn Ukraine into a NATO country instead of making it a buffer state. And then they put the lives of the American people at risk by supporting Ukraine, and not trying to peacefully resolve any of this conflict. And no one’s outraged by this except for you Jimmy and all of us who follow you. Seems like at least 75% of the country is in favor of this war, and seemingly forgetting how powerful Russia is according to Kamala Harris. So as Nancy Pelosi would say in game speak, “What’s the play?”

    My thought is that they’ll go hide in their underground city, or flee this country while everyone here dies most of us that can’t afford a nuclear fallout shelter, will die in a nuclear holocaust. That way they can get rid of all the poor, the uneducated, the patriots and then the other undesirables. You already know they don’t give three fucks about us anyway.

  3. The US is a bigger country and Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria are smaller countries and deserved to be occupied or at the very least to be bombed to smitherines.

  4. Wait a minute, Nancy. Who has used depleted uranium? Who has talked about nuclear war, who baited whom since 2014, who broke the promise not to extend NATO to Russia's borders? When you begin to think Trump made more sense than these nitwits, it's a sad day for America.

  5. Our US leaders are so stupid! That was funnier every time you replayed them. Are Americans that stupid that the leaders talk this way or is the elected leadership that incompetent? US empire is dissolving faster than I thought it would. Is Pelosi an alcoholic?

  6. Jimmy dore is officially in favor of kleptocracy. When Russians do it, it is a-ok. Jimmy dore is in favor of a big country marching in and taking over a small country, if it's Russia. Jimmy Dore will shit on the little guy fighting for survival in the little country and want the resistance to lose, if the aggressor is Russia. If America did anything Russia is doing now, jimmy dore would hate it. But it's mother Russia, so he loves it.

  7. Q: Green satellite looks blue from earth, green when you get up there. Eyes must've shrunk, and clock must be faster so shortened counts of light-waves fit green. This means: A) the light was blue until eyes shrank, B) the light started green and ended up blue, C) universal simultaneity is impossible, so keep time reliant on frequency counts that must be frequently reset.

    Answer is B. It looks like a field-conformal anti-Einstein anti-deStter (AdS) space actually studied as part of "holographic gravity" somewhere, but only where the student buys frequency counts serving well as time, so it's gravity-puckered in shape (loose green light at the edge turns tight blue by the time it reaches earth in the middle) in contrast to looking gravity-stretched. Think of a stretchy gravity well with even radial and concentric grid lines all over it crushed flat without spreading out and you are transforming halfway to AdS from GR. Make flat space form like a pulled-down stretched-rubber sheet sphincter glued around the top of an erect post, and it's lensing backward like AdS space. No need to go that far, as no lensing is needed in this little "puzzle."

  8. She is reading a children’s book because she understands that the majority of her constituents are infantile and looking for Mommy and Daddy figures who will tell them what to think, when to think it and how to attack anyone who doesn’t think the same.

  9. “BREAKING: Russian general beaten up outside Ukrainian bio lab by two Nazis who poured vodka and caviar over him and yelled “this is NATO country!” There: now Kamala and Nancy will change their minds about this war.

  10. Ok peeps, Ukredit is a small country somewhere far to the east just north of Canada and south of Mexico. Russiacollusion is a bigger country next to Ukredit and Florida, where Donald Trump has a hotel. Trump's friend Vlad Putin invaded Ukredit because Trump wants to build more hotels. Basically, this is something Robert Mueller missed because he couldn't get and interview with Putin.

  11. Honestly, Kalamity Harris was the worst of the two. Nancy at least has some idea of the problems. Kalamnity I don't know if she even knows a country like Ukraine even exists, let alone where it is on the map. This is Kalamity if she ever gets to be President:

    'Madam President, Argentina refuses to sell us their wheat at $5 a bushel like we asked. They want $5.30.'
    'Don't bother me, just bomb them'.

  12. So, when Biden’s faculty failures at last make him impossible (is that possible?) these two women are prepared to take over.
    What a backlash for feminism that will be.

  13. She is talking that way because she believes her audience in this situation to be stupid. It’s a reflection of how she actually thinks of black people as far as I can tell because she gets extra stupid any time she interacts with them. I see it as more proof the only racism in America that impacts lives comes solely from the “left”

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