Kamala Thinks Ukraine is Part of NATO…

Ladies and gentlemen and latinx people, I present you the the VP of the United States of America.

➡️How Can You Talk So Much and Yet Say So Little –
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  1. Does she realize how dangerous this is to say? Putin essentially said the cause of WW3 would be if NATO takes Ukraine in.

    What the FUCK is she doing?!

  2. "So I will say what I know we all say and I will say over and over again, the United States stands firmly with the Ukrainian people in defence of the NATO alliance." This is a rather ambiguous statement, she is not actually incorrectly stating that Ukraine IS part of NATO although it appears Ukraine has accepted NATO weapons, maybe ballistic, no doubt to be aimed at Russia. Clearly Putin sees this as a threat and by attacking Ukraine, which was previously a part of USSR, Russia is not being directly hostile to NATO nations. But could an almost child-like Kamala tragically word salad her way into an avoidable escalation with Russia that directly involves NATO? Lets hope Putin does not take her too seriously.

  3. Every one of them is linked to Klaus Schwab and they are going to start ww3 but not use nukes but to kill off all they can to get their #1 on the Georgia Guide Stones, all these leaders are in on it and will hide when it happens and come back out when their numbers is where they want them.

  4. Shame on anyone that voted for these clowns. We get it, you fell for the Cheeto man bad propaganda. You ready to pick up a rifle and possibly go fight WW3 now though? Or are you gonna run away?

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