After being picked by Joe Biden to be his vice presidential candidate, Kamala Harris has become a media darling because…she’s a black woman. And that’s about it.

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  1. the more you call us Racist, the closer we get to burning the home OUR forefathers built for us. The only thing carrying them through to ht enext day is the hope that their descendents will have a better life, and here you all are tossing it in the dirt and pissing on it. The US will never recover. you need to believe in society before it believes in you.

  2. Your ancestors are rotating in their graves corey; give them an iron rod and wind some copper wire around their coffins and you have electricity for your whole city…

  3. My ancestors would be excited? Ok cool. im from the NW of England im sure my ancestors would love it if i went to work 12hrs in a coal mine or kicked a suspicious old lady / witch of a steep hill doesn't make either of them good ideas

  4. Republicans in 2020: "Make America Great AGain!! Bring back manufacturing!! Protect the POlice!! MAGA 2020!!"

    Democrats in 2020: "Make America Racist Again!! Segregated "snowflake spaces" for those po' helpless black folks to protect em from big bad ol' whitey in wokademia!! Reparations to give every Black Person a free Mercedes Benz specifically from the pockets of white and only white taxpayers!! Kamala should win because she has dark skin and a vagina!! Therefore making her moral beyond compare!!"

  5. I had to register and request an absentee ballot just so I could vote for Trump. Like, I voted in the last election too because I don't want the democrats running america. Like I DON'T want Kamala Harris running the place where my family resides and while I may be all the way in Europe, I don't want to see my country go down in the flames of wokeness either.

  6. Racism, sexism, homophobia, all these things *would* have fallen outside the Overton window and we'd have eradicated it in possibly 2 generations. But only if democrats didn't spend every waking moment reminding us it still exists and insisting we're bad people. Because "muh ancestors had slavery hurr durr."

  7. Even the Late Night Gatekeepers can’t sell Nice Kamalatoe. Fallon, a low energy talentless hack. Colbert, the smarmiest creep that ever was or ever will be. And Kimmel, the most crass sleazy degenerate. Good People! You can trust them.

  8. I think I have the same outlook on the states as you – they’re both dreadful candidates, but it’s better for the U.K. and also for south East Asia if the orange man wins. And I despise him as a person.

  9. Because they no longer focus on things like your education, your work history, or your previous experiences when you're being considered for a political position. It's all about how much melanin you have in your skin, and whether or not you have a twat between your legs. ?

  10. They just dont love her enough to fund her to last to the voting part of the primaries ?. Picking a loser who couldn't even manage their campaign funds was a great first/last move for the left. The brain explosions will be massive in November when the left loses by a landslide

  11. I have a question Mr. Sargon. Do you have any data on how many black or minority viewers follow your channel?

    I suggest you receive a negative public image from the mainstream press..I did enjoy your Derbyshire interview!! Karma sought her out a few months later, victim of her own cancel culture.