Kanye West Announces A Semi-Serious Presidential Bid: Leftists Outraged

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  1. Burnt toast Putin spy runs for president, promises "cyka blyat fun times for everyone". He has reportedly started a "community party", a communist party if you will.

  2. There are things you know, there are things that you know that you don't know and there are things that you had no idea of even knowing. Trump, Biden, and Kayne debates would be the last one.

  3. GOP did the same thing in 2016 with McMullin. He was Ex-CIA and was placed to take undecided or independent vote from Hillary who didn't like Trumps raw non-PC nature.
    Kanye is there to take votes from people who hate Trump but think Biden's effin dumpster fire. McMulliin took 4-5% from Hillary in key states.
    With that said, TRUMP 2020!!!

  4. I don't know… Kanye would probably take votes more from Trump than he would from Biden. Young people, Bernie bros., blacks, anyone who just liked Trump's celebrity in 2016… this could also bring fans BACK to Kanye who had turned on him back when he seemed to be supporting Trump a bit. It would also seal the fate of our elections as being truly nothing but a shiiit-show where we just elect celebs with less and less experience on the world stage. lol

  5. knowing blacks. if hes on the ballot, they'l all. at least 90% will vote for you. because oddly enough, thats what blacks to do thats honorable, get they owns backs. versus whites. its a huge hit and miss game trying to pick out some one for or against whites, that are white. its become a white thing. pitty the blacks and have their backs through pitty. nothing of real substance. like the exact opposite for blacks. they got each others backs, even if the mother fucker is a high crimed criminal felon, druggy, rubber dealer. like fine example, whats his face lol.. yeah i forgot it already. because thats how much that pos means to me

  6. Its 44D chess. He is just making it even more impossible for the self hatint left to win, Ye is just stealing black votes AND more importantly, he might actually be able to help them with all that religiosity and anti Dems ideas. It's genius.

  7. He's only announced through Twitter … didn't even make an official campaign announcement speech.
    I don't think he's doing it for publicity, because he has plenty, I think he's doing it because he's an egotistical maniac who thinks he can win.

  8. Kanye can used the word BLACK without being called a racist. And as a black man, he can tear up Joe Biden for acting like he owns black people.

  9. Hey Styx, an interesting experiment and way to get more votes for Kanye(and maybe Trump, if Kanye can somehow give said votes to Trump): Have Kanye petition BLM (and call their bluff) and get them to prove they support black lives by voting for him.
    Since he's black they literally HAVE TO vote for him to avoid being labelled r*cist. If they do, a win for us, and if they don't then it will show the movement to be an even bigger sham than it is seen to be currently.

  10. i feel like it may hurt trump too in a way because after he supported trump the right started to like him & since he used to support trump it may look bad

  11. Using the power of hindsight perhaps Kanye saying he was going to run was just to prove his point that dems think they own the black vote and are therefore racist. Couple that with Biden's "if you don't vote for me you ain't black" comment and all the left wing hand wringing over losing black votes it look exactly that way.