Kanye West BUYS PARLER After Getting Censored, George Floyd’s Family Threatens To SUE Him

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  1. So what a lot of people don’t know is that the initial doctor claimed that fentanyl was what killed him. And let’s be honest, even though there’s no way to actually prove the knee on the back killed him, if it was the final straw, it wasn’t a majoring factor. And a knee on the back should not be a charge for homicide, we may be run by narcissistic idiots but the majority of the middle class are not idiots. We are living in a very delusional world right now, same thing happened in Ancient Rome before it’s fall.

  2. Just watch Crowders recreation of the knee on the neck. It's not even close. Crowder had heart issues at the time and he didn't die after that for 9 mins. So no the knee on the neck thing is bogus

  3. Where was Floyd's family at the time of his death? Were they in Minneapolis? Judging by the fact that his funeral was held in Houston, where his family is, it's hard to say that they were supporting the guy when he was at his lowest.

  4. TIM: I can't believe Kanye believes these media conspiracy theories!

    ALSO TIM: Kanya better get himself some good security because saying these things can get hitmen sent after you!

    Uhhhhh, Tim…what are you implying here?

  5. "You can't sue for defamation of a dead person"
    Well, all else being equal I'd agree but nothing is equal in so far as the Left is concerned and the Left does not give a shit about the law.
    Power by any means necessary.
    They've been telling us that for years and here we are now seeing them violate every standard, every rule and every law to get what they want.
    We should not be surprised.

  6. I think Jewish people being at the top of many companies is due in part to their sense of community after the holocaust and looking out for their brothers and sisters (not exclusively, but enough to get enough experience to run a company of their own) while, like the Asian community, having a strong sense of education knowing they'd likely have to work a little harder to get some of the same opportunities. Once many of the entertainment companies had bosses who are Jewish it turned into the old "it's not that you aren't smart enough or talented enough for these positions, it's an evil cabal of Hebrews who are holding you down". While that statement in large, large part is dumb on its face it's a take just hot enough for broken people to believe in it bc it's better than the truth.

  7. At 6:30, Tim says "stop taking immutable characteristics of a person to condemn the ideology or actions of the individual" but "Jewish" doesn't just refer to an immutable characteristic. It refers to a culture and a religion as well as a lineal connection. Culture and religion are not immutable, and are in fact, ideology. The antisemitism meme purposefully conflates these to protect those ideologies as if they were attacks on lineage, which is ridiculous. No one but Jewish people care if you are descended from Jewish people, but their ideology should not be above reproach. Additionally, though there are of course different sects, there is a lot more cultural homogeneity between Jewish people (in America, anyway) than among "white" people. So saying remarks about Jewishness are the same as remarks about white privilege are disingenuous. "Whiteness" is a fictional construct, but there very much is an insular Jewish culture (or set of related cultures).

  8. It’s disgusting to me how the entire Floyd case ended up, the jury admittedly terrorized into backing BLM, the Floyd family using the case to make millions probably, BLM also making millions off of the family, the city paying out Floyd family, also trying to come up with reparations too, the media having lied about the entire thing all the way through, social media spreading more lies and then silencing the truth or anyone that questioned the narrative, NFL players putting George Floyd on their gear, chauvin being charged with murder when clearly the autopsy might as well state that Floyd could’ve been killed multiple times over with the amount of phentanyl in his system, and the continuing worship of George Floyd as some sort of saintly martyr by giving him memorials, golden casket, statues/ idols, tributes on ESPN, many podcasts and documentaries all praising him as some gentile god almost, the entire thing began with lies, continued to be lied about and ended in lies that don’t solve any of the issues and only served to feed the greedy beast of the rising black supremacy movement in the western world

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