KAREN FREAKOUT On Flight (The World Has Gone NUTS!)

In this video we react to a clip of a Karen going full rhubarb in a plane. What was she thinking?

The material used in this video falls withing FAIR USE LAW as I am providing critique/criticism and original commentary in my review.

I do NOT condone or support anyone contacting the people shown in this video. This video is purely for entertainment/comedic purposes.

This video is intended for comedic/entertainment purposes and is meant to be a tongue in cheek look at some stories the mainstream media don’t cover.


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  1. 6:32 flight attendant isn't stopping the Karen from hitting the dude and is holding back the dude like bro get the person who is out of control under control instead of preventing innocent people from defending themselves

  2. The black conservative channel had an update on this karen this all started because she couldn't get back to her first class seat because the drink cart was in the isle the attendant asked her to just sit down anywhere till the cart passed and karen replied with "what am I rosa parks?" To wich the old man replied just sit down, your not black, this isn't Alabama, and your not on a bus. That's what started it all.

  3. It’s not about her being worried about her health, it’s fairly obvious by her own actions. This is about control she’s mad this man won’t obey her. I wouldn’t have blamed him for knocking her out for spitting on him.

  4. It’s not weird that they act like that bitch over masks. It’s precisely what the government wanted. They want us to fight over trivial shit. They want us to be miserable. As long as we’re fighting amongst ourselves we aren’t looking at what they’re doing. It’s in the works now, they want things to get so bad that we turn to the government and say “I don’t care what you have to do, take all my rights if you have to, anything to just make this insanity stop.”

  5. Imagine being a TikTok'er who is so braindead that you think bragging about stealing common goods from a Target makes you look like anything more than ghetto trash… I feel bad for her parents, who are most likely paying for that apartment

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