Kari Lake DECLARES VICTORY, Media OUTRAGED, Democrats Insane Strategy BACKFIRING As Trump GOP WINS

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  1. Trump only lost AZ by 12,000 votes and they called Biden the winner early on election day when there was no way they could have known Biden would win, but no one blinked an eye. All they need is to wait and see how many Lake wins by and they will surely find the amount they need in the trunk of some car or some "forgotten" or "misplaced" box.

  2. I wouldn't trust any votes out of maricopa. If that is what they are waiting on expect lake to lose as magically every vite after the 80% counted mark is now going against her …. just like in 2020

  3. 9:10 – FOX CALLED THE 2020 race here in AZ for CHINA-joe with the POLLS STILL OPEN, FFS. Felt pens for bleed-through, all SORTS of shenanigans go on out here in AZ. Pay attention, Timmy, the fraud you seem so blind to is real and it has a dire effect and affect.
    12:55 – They're gonna use it to unleash the BLM/ANTIFAtards post election – BROWNSHIRTS abound.

  4. Oh damn , what about all those mean tweets Trump does? So inconclusion Trumps "mean tweets" and talking about 2020 election fraud
    gets MAGA politicians elected. if you are not talking about 2020 election fraud you are a Leftist or RINO.

  5. Everyone is ignoring their local government still. Unfortunately I live in Kansas, I don’t understand why my fellow Republican Kansans didn’t get out to vote… it’s quite frustrating.

  6. Kansas ballot wording on the Abortion issue so weird and convoluted that I couldn't even tell what it meant. I would have probably not picked Yes or No, or just pick a random one.

  7. Tim – love ya man, but you are simply holding yourself back by denying the likelihood that fraud is constantly affecting our election outcomes in one way or another, especially in 2020. Watching the Dems and their supporters lie, cheat, and steal constantly, and you call this out all the time, you should be 100% convinced that they will do ANYTHING to pursue their agendas, including commiting widespread election fraud, at any cost. You gotta open your mind more on this.

  8. i have a lot of friends down in missura and they are all really into Eric Schmitt as he's been really on top of the pro 2A stuff not American but my great great great great grandpa fought for the union during the civil war so I really would like to see America back and doing better while being 2A af

  9. Nobody likes the fraud narrative Tim, but when you watch the movie 2000 mules and you see the level of cheating that was done and the fact the Joe Biden could not get 50 people to come to any of his rallies it enters the realm of possibility that something happened in 2020. You sound like an establishment cuckhold every time you talk about the election fraud!

  10. Whether you agree or not Tim there are a whole lot of us that believe that there was a whole lot of crooked stuff going on in that 2016 election. Whether that played a part in Biden winning is neither here nor there, it still means that a whole lot of crooked stuff took place and it only benefitted one side and that was Bidens. I truly believe if they would have actually gone over the ballots in those battleground states such as Arizona that they would have found more than enough BS ballots to give Trump the lead. Now for me that doesn't mean we shouldn't vote but to come out in such a massive turnout that whoever is doing this shady stuff can't possibly do enough to overcome our votes. I don't see why now that election is well over with they don't go in and look at the ballots and see whats really going on and what kind of cheating took place also it would help to fix the problems and stop ways of cheating.

  11. Arizona is overrun by refugees from Blue States who think that continuing to vote blue will somehow not make AZ just like the shithole they left.

    That said, for Governor, total Republican votes in primary was 636k and Democrat votes were 482k. Also, in AZ Independents can vote in either primary. So a lot of independents may have elected to vote in Repub primary.

  12. Their problem is insiders know Trump would probably have won without the shenanigans, however they have pushed the narrative so hard that,,,,no no Dems. are so popular they can't lose because everyone wants the woke wackiness.

  13. 5:00 Sir, os true many demos are voting for REPUBLICAN candidates.

    Many voted for Karin Robinson not Lake.

    At my college is a thing that college professors tell students do to.

    They must At least get an established candidate than a American 1st candidate.

    Hobbs has no chance.

  14. I'm an inspector for the Oklahoma county election board. We always have enough ballots for everyone in my precinct registry plus extras in case of spoiled ballots. How do you not print enough ballots for every registered voter? Something is rotten in Denmark

  15. Kansas doesn't have a constitutional right to abortion Tim. It's not in their constitution anymore than it was in the US Constitution. Their "constitutional right to abortion" is based on section 1 of their Bill of Rights which is the equal rights section. The Kansas Supreme Court simply said because of section 1 (equal rights) women have the right to an abortion up to 22 weeks. It's the same argument the US Supreme Court used to justify Roe vs Wade back in 1973 so it can just as easily be overturned. Styx ignored this fact and you simply didn't bother to look into it. Or you're ignoring it as well who knows.

  16. Arizonan here. A third of the license plates you see on the road are from California, another third are from Sonora Mexico, and the remainder are from Arizona (with a few other states mixed in). All three of those are very likely to be illegals, and they DO vote here; no matter how hard you deny it, Tim. Tucson and Phoenix are both Hispanic majorities, along with other smaller cities. For all uses of the meaning, Arizona is no longer part of the U.S.; it's more of an inbetween FOB for what is coming for the rest of the U.S.

  17. Now where have I heard “Maricopa County” before? 🧐
    Update they stopped updated results as of 4:56PM EST. It has been two hours since last update. Lake is ahead by two points with 80% of the votes in.

  18. The Left have abandoned all reason, but it takes a certain level of intelligence to be that evil…
    I believe that puts conservatives at a distinct disadvantage, not for lack of intellect, but because it's hard to predict what your opponent will do, as our minds are not the same, we do not think alike, our thoughts are rooted in truth, honestly, and good moral judgment… fairness… we don't have the mind of an opponent that has abandoned common sense, rationality, and reason, and is capable of evils with which we can not relate nor conceive until the actual deed is done, leaving us unprepared for such a level of depravity and dishonesty…
    The Russian collusion hoax… The Ukrainian phone call hoax… looting and rioting… Epstein and Ghislaine… child trafficking… Hunter laptop… Jussie Smollett hoax… Buba Wallace hoax… insider trading…
    Nick Sandman hoax… abortion, grooming kids, CRT, LGBT, wokism… none of it makes sense, and if none of it makes sense, how can we rationally debate someone who has suspended all reason and common sense, who disputes foundational truths and reality?
    When it comes to lying, cheating, and stealing in order to attain one's end goals, the left has us beat in spades, always making up false accusations forcing us to always be on the defensive… and even though no proof of the accusations ever materialize, it is our burden to prove our innocence…
    RACIST ! ! !
    FASCIST ! ! !
    MISOGYNIST ! ! !
    How does one prove their innocence against a fraudulent claim???
    The burden of proof use to fall on the one making the claim against another, innocent until proven guilty… but when one has no qualms with altering or suspending reality in order to meet their end goal, and has lost any moral restraint, nothing becomes outside the realm of possibility…
    Our best response must be to no longer suffer fools, to not even entertain their accusations and protestations, to simply dismiss them outright… the days of suffering fools and their foolishness is over…

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