Karl Stefanovic & Nick Coatsworth Go Completely Off Script, Discuss Sudden Deaths, Efficacy Problems

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  1. These discussions never ask the relevant questions that need answering, what was wrong with the procedures implemented during the SARS 03, HIN1 & MERS outbreaks, at the start of this overreaction to that bad flu Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore , Taiwan simply implemented standard procedures without overreacting with these unnecessary Draconian
    restrictions. If those same procedures were implemented during this outbreak the problem would have been stopped before it started.

  2. Bit by Bit the Normies are beginning to question the Narrative, though they won't actually openly admit it, but at least some of them are slowly slowly beginning to wonder.

  3. Wow, Karl, I'm impressed 😎

    I've lost my job as a Registered Nurse and I can't stand MSM anymore, and also the propaganda around all the covid narrative. But this was great for what myself and like minded people are fighting for.
    Thank you.

  4. Well he just bold face lied, there are thousands suffering adverse reactions and myocarditis is through the roof, not just in adolescent males either! Safe and effective ….????
    He shall pay the price for his crimes against humanity!

  5. All props to Karl for stepping off the edge and going against the narrative and actually saying in a round about way “it’s all bullshit” good on him. He echoes a lot of people around Australia too.

  6. You can tell that to an ex uni-lecturer of mine who got pericarditis from the you know what and had complications screaming in his car while his poor kids looked on, and from a recent facebook post still has issues.

  7. A reasonably good report until the 'Doctor' said they are only really concerned about myocarditis and pericarditis in those eighteen years and younger – and that the vaccines are safe and there are not tens of thousands of people who have suffered complications. Unfortunately he is still not willing to state the complete and absolute truth – only a portion of the truth.

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