Kary Mullis gives his opinion of Anthony Fauci

The late Kary Mullis, Nobel prize winning inventor of the PCR test talking briefly (2 min) about Anthony Fauci.

Most of the remainder of this interview is here :
Clip from Kary’s Nobel interview :

Written by nobulart


  1. "In his 1998 humorous autobiography proclaiming his maverick viewpoint, Mullis expressed disagreement with the scientific evidence supporting climate change and ozone depletion, the evidence that HIV causes AIDS, and asserted his belief in astrology."

  2. What are you supposed to get in a 2 min video? Where's the rest of it? The interviewer was about to ask some questions and the video ended. Wtf.
    BTW he's talking about AIDS here.
    This looks to me like a very old video. 90s possibly even 80s.

  3. Bill and Fauci don't want to debate they just want to dictate so they can continue getting paid by their master ….the money holders ….bunch of cork suckers ….yes ma'am and yes sir robots who will intentionally deceive the public for self gain. I don't respect these people and I never will because they don't respect us ….We the REAL people.

  4. Did he really die of pneumonia? What a coincidence, only a few months before the "Pandemic" and he passes away. What's going on, Is this the beginning of a war starting between it's people and the governments all around the world?

  5. Did Mullis say that his test was never meant to detect viruses? If so, then why would anybody want to take a pcr test that is only 20% effective in detecting virus while 80% of positive virus cases are false?

  6. nobulart, Thank you for your courage.

    People, please keep downloading and re-posting this video. It's only a matter of time before this one is taken down.

  7. Glad I was little ahead of the curve on the sham that is 'Fauci'. Of course, all one really has to do is go back and look at his ridiculous/criminal handling of the AIDS crisis. Fauci is a self-serving politician who happens to have some medical credentials.

  8. I never knew Kary Mullis nor heard of him until his technique was hijacked to be used as a method to deceive people. I love this video because we have a glimpse of who he is (I don't believe anything but yes he may be dead). Kary has a down to earth, noncondescending approachable persona about him. Being like that and being technically competent, no wonder he was not wanted around for 2020!

  9. Does anybody know the context of this vidoe? What did he want to debate Fauci about and any other information to go along please. thank you

  10. Lol. I like that everyone in these comments basically listens to this man trash talk someone else for 2 minutes straight and call it evidence. Also I love that anyone who disagrees with this man is a "sheep" so much for free thought!!