Kate Moss bombshell: Johnny Depp never pushed me down stairs, Amber Heard wrong

Supermodel Kate Moss testified for Johnny Depp in his defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard. Moss was asked about an incident where rumors flew that Depp pushed her down a flight of stairs, which Heard referenced during her testimony. Moss testified that she fell down the stairs because it was raining and Depp never pushed her.

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  1. i think the final objection was uncalled for…sure AH's team know why she was testifying and they would get nothing by doing a cross-examination so they called it off.

  2. Hey Amber, just stop. Real survivors speak the truth, and it's never easy, and they don't tell stories, just the very unfortunate facts.
    No conjecture, no 'I suppose'.
    Kate Moss speaking here honors truth.

  3. Hardly a bombshell – Depp never has been or will-be the type of person that could do something like this. His history is untarnished. Truth Will Out. Instead banish Amber back to the D- list actor’s line where she belongs and never would have left without Johnny’s clout and assistance.

  4. Dr Shannon Curry and Kate Moss are both more appealing than Amber in myriad ways. Not to mention Camille Vasquez, Johnny’s incredible defender. Seriously, in company like this, it makes you wonder what Johnny ever saw in Amber in the first place.

  5. Johnny Depp was removed from Fantastic Beasts by Warner Bros after he lost his libel case against the UK tabloid The Sun, referred to him as a “wife-beater” amid his divorce from Amber Heard.

  6. Depp was removed from Pirates of the Caribbean by Walt Disney. his ex wife Amber Heard lying stating Depp beat her. It has been proven that he did not hit her, but she beat on him repeatedly.

  7. What a beautiful manner this lady has.
    That is British, style, polite, integrity, all British woman
    that is the difference between American woman and British woman. Day and night

  8. one of my favourite actor,very humble,down to earth gentleman,,all the support and lots of ❤️ from Nepal🇳🇵,,,kate moss 🙌 lady with class and respect.

  9. I’ve been a fan of Johnny Depp since “Crybaby” He is super talented, a good, decent human being & very sexy/handsome. Amber Heard is, in my opinion, a liar & a manipulative opportunistic woman that uses men to further her acting career & increase her wealth & fame. She is nobody’s victim. I hope she slithers away into hiding after this trial & focuses on trying to be a good mom.

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