Kathleen Stock: I won’t be silenced

In this exclusive interview with Julie Bindel, Dr Stock says:
➡️ She’s not giving up
➡️ Gender theory is a pseudo-philosophy
➡️ Trans people should be legally protected
➡️ She had to stay at home for her own protection

Kathleen Stock was forced to resign from Sussex University professor after an aggressive campaign of targeted harassment over her gender critical views.

The campaign to push Prof Stock out of Sussex began when she self-published a number blog posts critical of extreme transgender ideology. She was concerned that the majority of academics, including philosophers such as herself, were reluctant to criticise campaigns to introduce self-identification for transgender people.

Although Kathleen is understandably upset by the conduct of the small number of abusive students, she is adamant that many of them are taking a cue from the influential adults around them. “I don’t think they’ve actually read what I think. There’s a lot of enabling, or inciting, of individuals in this story,” she says.

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00:00 – 00:55 – Introduction
00:55 – 02:31 – Kathleen Stock tells her story
02:31 – 03:39 – The anti-Stock Sussex protests
03:39 – 07:24 – Where did Katheen’s trans ideology journey begin?
07:24 – 13:34 – Julie Bindel and Kathleen Stock name names
13:34 – 17:47 – Is trans ideology rooted in misogyny?
17:47 – 20:10 – Julie Bindel: This debate is being stifled
20:10 – 23:52 – How does this affect young lesbians?
23:52 – 24:58 – Katheen Stock’s book, Material Girls
24:58 – 26:39 – Stonewall has taken over our national institutions
26:39 – 33:48 – Kathleen’s battle with her Sussex University union
33:48 – 37:52 – Maria Miller MP began the self-identification process
37:52 – 40:45 – Julie Bindel on prostitution and the end result of self-ID
40:45 – 47:19 – The human cost of trans protests
47:19 – 49:13 – What’s the future for women’s rights, Stonewall, LGBTQI+, in the UK?
49:13 – 49:30 – Julie’s conclusion

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    In this exclusive interview with Julie Bindel, Dr Stock says:
    ➡️ She's not giving up
    ➡️ Gender theory is a pseudo-philosophy
    ➡️ Trans people should be legally protected
    ➡️ She had to stay at home for her own protection

  2. Really shocking what has happened to Dr Stock OBE, the best revenge will be when she makes a fabulous success of her next career. Can she be defamed without consequences to those who ruined her reputation though?

  3. Never give up, Kathleen. You are an intelligent person capable of articulating your thoughts cleanly and clearly, and those who willfully (or ignorantly) misinterpret your meaning I truly feel sorry for. In the long run, you will have far more impact, I hope. You have joined the intellectual "dark web," but that only gives you more power. As you said, "Joke's on them."

  4. I’m so disoriented by how quickly gender identity ideology has captured and changed the world. It feels a little the like the impact of COVID-19. How is this life now??

  5. Wer als aggressive politische Aktivistin auftritt, muß sich über ein Echo nicht wundern. Der Protest gegen das biologistische Geschwätz von der Stock ist mehr als gerechtrfertigt.

  6. I think people have to stand up for the truth. Women are adult human females. If people cannot say basic biological sex truths but only rely on feelings this is wrong. We have seen in recent years women's language being changed. I have seen women being called non trans women for example, bleeders or cervix havers. I seriously concerned about women's sports as biological males identifying themselves as trans women are allowed to compete at an elite level (Olympics) with biological females . I am also concerned about the effects on women's prisons long term and women's only rape crisis centres.

  7. Free speech in academia is crucial and students and academics need to be open to different ideas and views. University should be places of debate and if this is not allowed to happen for various reasons this is very problematic. Universities were in the past a hotbed of ideas but this no longer seems to be the case. There is a definite conflict between self identification and women's rights and I believe that the government should stop funding Stonewall which is a lobbying group that wants to change the law making self identity a legal status.

  8. Das Menschen die sich im falschen Körper befinden nicht mehr wegen dieser kleinen Abweichung erledigt werden, ist ein großer zivilisatorischer Fortschritt. Wenn Typen wie die Stock das mit an den Haaren herbeigezogenen biologistischen Gerede wirder zurückdrehen wollen, und auf nichts anderes läuft ihre Kampange gegen Transpersonen hinaus, ist es gut und richtig wenn ihr ein eisiger Wind in das Gesicht weht. Ihr Gejammer darüber ist dumm verlogen und albern.

  9. This is a terribly sad trend of intimidation by a segment of the population. This also happened to Jordan Peterson and also to Brett Weinstein. I really believe that this is happening because of the cowardice of university authority figures to not speak up to protect the rights of individuals. This pandering to specials interests is terrible and my deepest sympathies.

  10. We forget that the people who stood up for LGBT groups back then included black trans women. They fought for our rights, and we're abandoning them now. What Kathleen Stock said is just outright transphobic. We would never allow a professor to talk about race but hold racist views. Even more so, she was a professor of philosophy, not biology. Homosexuality was criminalized 40 years ago. Because of similar arguments she makes. The argument back then was that if homosexuality is decriminalized, a lot of men will become gay. There won't be hordes of women who decide to change their identity if transgender people were accepted by society.

  11. Prof. Stock talking about her colleagues: "They are 'indirectly responsible. . ." Au contraire, intellectuals are always directly responsible for the policies of the State which follow in the wake of their philosophical musings and beliefs. And this goes all the way back to the earliest kingdoms. The literati are there to help consolidate the Power, that's what they are paid for. Dare you not to critique them, you'll burned at the stake! By the Masters of Patriarchy.

  12. Legislating sexual attraction is Orwellian to a bizarre degree. Telling kids that they "should" feel energies that they don't creates irreparable confusion. I can't believe that we're actually having to debate biological sex versus ideological sex, if there is such a thing.

  13. A beautifully put exposition of how we have lost our critical faculties and ability to tolerate dissent and argument in the very place where they should most be revered. It seems to me that the links with the polarisation politics of enforced vaccination are obvious. Conform or we will hound you out of employment and make you a social pariah. Well done Unheard for posting this and to Julie for standing up and being willing to be counted in the fight for young people particularly girls to come into acceptance and self love of their sexuality

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