Kathleen Stock OBE: Trans Women Aren’t Women

It’s a view held by most people, so why has it become so controversial to state that trans women aren’t women? On this episode of “So What You’re Saying Is…” (#SWYI) we are joined by Prof. Kathleen Stock OBE, professor of philosophy at the University of Sussex and author of the best-selling book: “Material Girls: Why Reality Matters for Feminism”.

Prof. Stock discusses the issues of sex vs. gender and gender identity, and explains how trans activists, arguing that gender is psychological not physical, now claim that womanhood & manhood are genders in a social, rather than biological, sense.

She discusses the possible motives for Stonewall’s decision to become so actively involved in trans rights, as well as the vilification of its outspoken critics such as Germaine Greer and Julie Bindell. Prof. Stock has herself been the target of campaigns to silence, cancel and no platform.

Prof. Stock also discusses the negative impact the more extreme trans rights positions are having on women (changing rooms, public toilets, prisons etc.) as well as the young, and gays & lesbians.

Her book may be purchased here:

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  1. the issue isnt gender studies or identity, its the fact we are bigots if we want to talk about it or have a different opinion to the activists and that its being taught in schools

  2. Even the social networks are now trying to control the narrative on this subject, with them deciding what is "wrong think"… So another topic a few entitled narcissistic billionaires in Silicon Valley think they have the right to control the views/voice of the planet on.

  3. For over 40 years, the radical feminist movement has been doing everything in their power to destroy gender norms and the nuclear family. They were key contributors to this victim hood attack on western ideals. Now, the monster they helped to create, is coming after them. The Marxist left wing will always destroy themselves from within. The failure to adopt personal responsibility will only lead to the failure of society.

  4. Try discussing trans-related issues on Twitter. You will find yourself called “transphobic” and be bombarded with ugly insults by the transgender wing of the woke supremacists. They regard even the slightest divergence from their ideological guidelines as being a “crime” for which people should be hounded and fired from their jobs.

  5. So…let me get this right…any man can simply 'identify' himself as a woman 'inside his head' (where it is impossible to prove his sincerity and his motive) and walk into a women's toilets unchallenged?
    And the authorities can't predict the danger in this?
    Well, if they're going to start doing that in my town centre, I'm going to start peeing in suitably dense hedges in the park – probably along with all the other women who will find this situation embarrassing or threatening!

  6. To get a glimpse of how the transgender cultists operate and how some brave women are reacting, see also YouTube videos featuring Abigail Shrier, Kelly-Jay Minshull (aka Posie Parker) and Magdalen Berns. If you know nothing much about this subject, I guarantee you will be shocked at what has been going on…

  7. Total bullshit nonsense discussed and promoted by academics is what has brought this all about. It is an industry created to discuss and promote nonsense that has no meaning and is part of the deconstruction of capitalism and European culture from within. The pseudo culture is now eating itself and laying the West open to its enemies. The ultimate beneficiary is China and the East. Doctors who perform mutilation under the guise of medicine should be struck off and imprisoned.

  8. My, my, how wrong is Kathleen in claiming women's voices are more likely & easier to shut down than men's. Has she never noticed the victim role women can slip into, the sisterhood role other women enforce, & the white knight role played by so many men?

  9. I've worked with several young people who claim to be trans. All – not done, not most, but all – have significant adverse childhood experiences & comorbidities. All.

  10. Remember the days before people promoted mind-body duality mysticism like it's a scientific fact? All males have "male brains" because they are male. All females have "female brains" because they are female. These facts have nothing to do with gender presentation or stereotypes, they're just facts! Between the sexes, the structures of the brain are not particularly different (heavy doubt has already been cast over the badly-interpreted "studies" the TQ community typically points to) aside from females' brains being slightly smaller to comparable males' due to their entire bodies being smaller.

  11. Hey have you seen that Elliott Page guy?
    I know for sure that myself and many other men are terrified of him coming into a male safe space and making us fear for our lives!

  12. Also the trans males normally don’t call them real males because they don’t have sperm. Never heard a woman changing to male demanding to compete on sports with men! Why not? Because they know that they have no chance! Only males that become « women » wanted to compete against women’s because they know they can win! Because they are males inside !

  13. Do you no im 73 years old and ive never heard so much rubbish in all my life, it therefore doesnt surprise me that the coming up generation are mixed up…..a man that is born a boy is a male……a woman that is born a girl is female its as simple as that..there is nothing in between.

  14. Fabulous channel and a wonderful interview ! A close friend recently asked why the majority are forced without any democratic process into changing language and social structure for a tiny minority and was accused of being transphobic for voicing the question by a stranger who happened to be in earshot. Who decided that, without parental consent, this should be taught to impressionable young people in schools ? Given that we know so little about the long-term effects, the rapid adoption of the narrative into policy and the aggressive cancel culture mentality towards anyone who dares to try and have an intelligent discussion about it seems to be a flawed foundation on which to build.

  15. Trans women are trans women. Trans men are trans men. They are brave and beautiful. But let's please stop pretending that simply "identifying" as something makes you that thing.