Katie Couric RUNS COVER For RBG, EDITS Controversial Kaepernick Comments To ‘Protect’ Liberal Icon

Co-host of Useful Idiots podcast and host of The Katie Halper Show, Katie Halper, explains why Katie Couric’s editing of an interview with Ruth Bader Ginsburg was unethical journalistic practice.

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  1. Katie Couric is rubbish journalist as well as the others she worked with…nobody cares what she thinks and she doesn't really matter today…No-one with a real understanding of the world gives 2 squirts about her tell all book…rubbish

  2. And maybe just maybe the democrats were 100% sure Hillary was going to get the presidency. This would allow Hillary to replace Ginsburg in some weird woman power thing. Come on, everything is theater to the democrats. If they knew they wouldn't win the presidency they would have 100% replaced RBG. You guys know this, stop playin….

  3. "Kneeling during the national anthem shows contempt for a government that has made it possible for their grandparents and parents to live a decent life".

    The anthem is NOT about the government. It's literally just about a symbol; the flag. The flag transcends whatever temporary government that happens to be in power at any given time. It isn't about worshipping politicians or their accomplishments. It is about the ideals which the flag and anthem represent. But liberals tend to see the nation and the government as one and the same, both when they're attacking and defending those things.

  4. Well, at least she admits that she left out information. The MSM will NEVER admit that they have left out key information or have been wrong about SO much the past 2 years, especially.

  5. Live today, tomorrow will come! Yet no country is willing to expose & charge the culprits of the source of the Coronavirus & the global genocide which is an invisible biological weapon which continues to operate freely effecting economies-the repercussions from the forthcoming Taliban /ISIS terrorist attacks that will take place within 6months in the UK /USA /EU thanks to the strength encouragement provided by the free $85 billion dollars of military equipment left behind by the USA MILITARY fir the TALIBAN on 31st August 2021, will change the global ecomies within less than 5 years proving that its today's preparedness for the unexpected that will provide tomorrow 's WINNERS💯🤔👁️👌

  6. So Katie couric (who gives a f#$k how to spell it) should feel partly responsible for giving traction to people like Colin kapernick. Somebody that used racism to remain in the spotlight after his skills weren’t top notch anymore.

  7. Ryan are u thinking of something to say as you go or are you doing what Katie couric did and doing exactly what your told by upper management even though you don’t believe what your saying . 6:20 how many black aides does she have to have. I would say if your racist you wouldn’t employ someone you were disgusted by. Ryan must’ve been seeing a producer off stage saying don’t go there. People don’t wanna hear you put racism at the forefront when it isn’t there naturally

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