Katie Halper: Biden Lied AGAIN About Being Arrested & Only Right-Wing Media Covered It

Katie Halper weighs on President Biden’s voting rights speech in Atlanta, Georgia.

President Joe Biden image courtesy of AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana.

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  1. The scarey part is they will believe him. It is sad but this is both sides of the political spectrum. There is a percentage of both sides that believe these these pied pipers. Sad state of affairs.

  2. No ID no vote. What doesn't make sense about this? Need to be a U.S. citizen to vote for U.S. elections. State ID is proof you are a U.S. citizen… I can't believe this is even a thing. I feel like I'm in the movie, "Idiocracy"

  3. Reset of the world at this point is necessary. Maybe strict religious order is key to a better society. Integrity is important and honorable especially from the top office of the world. That's disrespectful to the position of honor

  4. Can anyone truly take these two seriously!? I mean just looking at them trying to be serious is ridiculous. It’s not even funny anymore. These people are tyrants. And clearly Joe is not there, Kamala is just someone no one can take serious.

  5. He said he went to soweto to see Mandela at robbens island? Robin island is about 1500 kilometres away from soweto. South Africa would never arrest a American diplomat.

  6. He keeps saying "the first time I got arrested." Implying that he's been arrested multiple times. Therefore, the whole "stopped" thing meaning arrested gets thrown out as a credible "arrest." Which means he is still lying about being arrested, period. His track record proves he panders to whoever he is around and the easiest way to tell if Biden is lying is to look and see if his lips are moving. If they are then you know he is lying.

  7. Biden had bragged for decades about getting an award by George Wallace way, way back in the day, as Biden was good friends with George Wallace back in the 60s & 70s. It's fairly well-known public knowledge Biden plagiarized back in law school and blatantly lied for his class placement when he finished law school, only 4 up from the very bottom of his law school class.

  8. May ALL true but! Katie Halper, what you said for 4 minutes was also what you said in 30 seconds, you kept repeating and repeating the same thing. Made it rather difficult to listen to.

  9. The majority Biden talks about is only a four seat edge in the House, and an idiot VP tie breaker in the Senate. Trying to fundamentally change the federal government's role over the states with essentially zero mandate is a political obscenity.

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