Katie Halper: Time’s Up SOLD OUT #MeToo Movement With DEFENSE Of Andrew Cuomo, Joe Biden

Katie Halper, host of Useful Idiots podcast, breaks down “Time’s Up” connections to former NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo following the resignation of CEO, Tina Tchen.

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  1. The "pro family" party voted no against the child tax credit this year. EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN voted no. I don't hear Hills talking about it. What happened to your neutrality? Someone bought you already?!

  2. Glad they are talking about this but this is not new news. This has been known for along time. There is a large cancerous network of people in both parties that are controlling the narratives to deflect or expose different stories

  3. Tara Reid actually worked for Joe Biden in the 1990s
    Tara Reid's mother called into Larry King and complained about it but did not mention Joe biden's name. And yet Joe Biden was elected president!!!!!
    The mainstream media gave probably less than 30 seconds

  4. Tara Reid was treated cruelly, cynically, outrageously. My anger against these women’s “advocacy” groups is fueled by the false, hypocritical soul-crushing behavior they display as they feast at the tables of power. They are no different than the tyrants they support. I am surprised and thankful at the coverage this is getting from The Hill.

    My aunt emailed and called all members of my family in a rage during the Kavenaugh hearings, insisting that because the claimant was a woman, she must be heard and believed. We must call our congressmen and senators! When Tara Reid, with actual evidence, came forward? Crickets. Women’s groups must not allow themselves to be used as the jackboots of tyranny.

  5. It not "Fk'n Weird" what it is it's disturbing and disgraceful! The Woke Culture is Morally Corrupt and Lacking in any Emotional Intelligence! These people are the bottom of the barrel and not qualified for the positions they hold! Ridiculous

  6. Cuomo, who I hate, was SET-UP by Biden/Harris who believe he would have beaten them in 2024.
    Also, EVERY governor in the USA followed the same TERRIBLE advice from the Board of Health at the start of the pandemic around Nursing homes (Canada Too). Every Governor adjusted numbers as we learned more. WHY is Cuomo singled out?

  7. We must .. REMEMBER … we are the government … politicians are our servants… Vote Vote Vote … God ‘ is ‘ Good.
    Women are Equal ❤️🇺🇸❤️. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  8. I think that Time's Up was established for the purpose of protecting their own, never to truly do their due diligence. People who donated to them either knew this and wanted to 'further the cause' or they were unwittingly duped.

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