Kavanaugh STALKED by Far-Left Activists, SCOTUS Justices Targeted at Their Homes: Robby Soave

Robby Soave criticizes leftist protestors who demanded Brett Kavanaugh’s removal from a D.C. restaurant.

FILE – Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh stands during a group photo at the Supreme Court in Washington, on April 23, 2021. In Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, five justices voted to overturn Roe — Samuel Alito, Amy Coney Barrett, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas. All five were raised Catholic. (Erin Schaff/The New York Times via AP, Pool)

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  1. Ectopic abortions may be legal, but now lawyers are involved as doctors wait for them to determine if they’ll be held liable and can prove the abortion was the only solution, not to mention the clinics and doctors who perform abortions will be much harder to get to.

    It’s not a lie, as Robbie declares it. It’s reality despite the carveouts.

  2. Morality? I don't see much morality in the actions of the three that flat out lied to congress to get on the court with the specific purpose of overturning RvW in furtherance of the wishes of an extreme right wing cult. They have done possibly irreprable damage to the Supreme court in the process. Doesn't make the actions of these far left clowns acceptable or smart. But the country being where it is now they really shouldn't be surprised.

  3. Robby seems to be deliberately ignoring the fact that states and former VP Pence are pushing for a national ban and Thomas clearly signaled a threat to marriage equality. Call me crazy but I think ppl have a right to voice their concern even if one of the justices that is threatening individual freedom in America is trying to enjoy his steak. Also the “time and place” for politics line is a bs statement used to suppress political protests.

  4. I’m not sure why it’s ok to do this to state Supreme Court justices when marriage equality was being decided but it’s not ok to do this to justice Kavanaugh. It’s not influencing and current court case. It’s in public. Roe v wade is gone so he has no reasonable expectation of privacy. This pretty much rests in two things conservatives are being special snowflakes and think they are some how above the law and are massive hypocrites. Especially Kavanaugh.

  5. I love the pearl clutching from Robby. Public officials are not above receiving criticism. They aren't working at the dmv or a secretary at a court house. They lobby and are selected to a life time appointment in one of the most powerful positions in the land.

  6. A long time ago, the pro-life movement frequently held protests outside of abortionists' homes. I don't think that they were violent or explicitly harassing in any way, just standing on the sidewalks and streets holding signs and such. These demonstrations were held to be illegal harassment rather than exercise of free speech. Similarly, demonstrations outside of abortion clinics themselves were also held to be harassment and prohibited. These were not unreasonable rulings, although the latter was somewhat more of a gray zone than the former. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, these precedents really need to be respected. And the 24/7 harassment of judges is clearly illegal, as its objective is obviously to intimidate the judges into ruling in according to the Left's political wishes.

  7. I like it when people acknowledge and criticize double standards. I hate it when people don’t realize or deny double standards in their alleged principled stances. Principles are not flexible. They can change but they can’t flex.

  8. Does the Left really think someone on the Right won’t counter this? Proud Boys vs Antifa kinda thing. What if Leftist activists get followed around and shouted down in restaurants? I’d pull up a chair and enjoy the popcorn if not for the collateral damage, like Robbie said, the poor waiters and restauranteurs. The USA seems to be headed for normalized political violence. Bad for liberty.

  9. Sounds like civilian Patriots need to step up and offer protection services since local law enforcement refuse to enforce the federal laws prohibiting this behavior.

  10. If a group of conservatives did the exact same thing to Sotomayor, Pelosi, or AOC….Biden's Department of Injustice would have their faces on an FBI Most Wanted List within hours. Except, of course, for the FBI's agent provocateurs. As they disappeared quickly from the J6 Most Wanted List.

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