Kayleigh McEnany ROASTS Democrats And The Press Over Support For Riots, Mic Drop Moment

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  1. Problem I have with the left is I ask 2 simple questions and I never can get an answer to either

    1. At what point do you hold these “victims” accountable for their actions? Jacob had was trespassing. At a place harassing a woman. That woman had a restraining order against him which means it’s not his first time harrasing her. Resisted arrest from police. Ignored police warning. If he decided to not do 1 of these things he wouldn’t have been shot but somehow the police are at fault

    2. If all these riots and protests are about police brutality and police killings and making police accountable then why isn’t the media or all these groups talking about cases like Ryan Whitaker? You’d think a guy answering the door in his underwear in the middle of the night holding a gun getting shot in the back by police as he was complying with police orders would be all over the news.

  2. Kyle R. Is a Hero! He standing up to evil. A 17yr old has to do the right thing because the leaders of these cities and states are not doing their jobs for political reasons. Kyle defended himself from violent criminals supported by politicians, deep state & Commie operatives

  3. Tim, point missed: Jacob Blake wouldn't have been shot if he had just followed officer's commands. If the officers were out of line, he would have had a great settlement AND the continued use of his legs.

  4. She is the best Press Secretary that I've ever had the pleasure of watching. I love it when she smacks down the's freaking awesome, lol..

  5. What he looks like is a man who won't complete a single term in office who will either die, resign or be ousted by his VP who will use the 25th amendment against him.

    While the VP, then President, in Prison Break may not look much like Kamala (she looks like Hillary), I suspect that just like her, Kamala will stop at very little to get the top spot.

  6. Please Tim, you and everyone else knows the Dems are in support of the whole movement only because they do not have presidency. With the protests and riots they get an angle to attach Trump or denounce his leadership.
    Flip the script and if there was a dem president, Trump would've taken to twitter to bash them nonstop.

    Obama faced riots too. He came out against them. But somehow at the time he was an pure evil and now somehow a similar rhetoric makes Donald Trump mankind's savior? Please.

    It is all just a game of tug of war in DC. Nobody actually cares except for a select few. Trump will always be an evil pos to Dems and the embodiment of Jesus Christ to conservatives. Obama or any dem will always be hacks or an evil pos to conservatives and a godsend to Dems, when in fact policy wise neither are any different.

  7. Social justice is a communist concept. There is no peaceful way to get people to give up their hard earned resources to those who don't want to work. So stop saying, "I'm all for social justice, but against violence." Pick a damn side already!!! At least learn what social justice is so you don't look like such an idiot.

  8. I watch you often, Tim. Stupid kid? Let's make one thing clear, he's far from stupid. If you're going to blame democrat leaders for not doing anything about it, you can't then blame a citizen for going out and doing it himself. Yes it is the police and military professional responsibility, but it is also every citizen's responsibility to protect their communities. Maybe if you weren't sitting in front of a computer like all of your viewers, and more of us we're doing what this stupid kid was doing, this would have ended a long time ago. It also would have been not only symbolic, but proof, good citizens are not going to lay down and take this. You want to talk so much about your epiphany to buy guns to protect your home, grow some balls and use those guns to protect your neighbors homes. It would do you well to watch how you talk about someone who is willing to sacrifice their life and freedom for his community when our elected politicians, officers, and military won't or can't. Biden might be hiding in his basement, and so are you.

  9. One of the benefits to this Defund the Police Movement in the big cities is that smaller more conservative communities are getting a LOT applications from very qualified veteran officers.