Keaton’s Kwips: Liberals SHOCKED That Defending Democracy Not a Voter Priority

Keaton’s TikTok segment on a new New York Times poll which says 74% of Americans think democracy is in danger, while only 8% name safeguarding democracy as their top issue in the 2022 midterms

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  1. Same libs that will likely nod their damn heads whenever the oracle of Delphi aka Noam Chomsky appears & chimes in to inform everyone that political scientists have done peer-reviewed research that came to the conclusion that the US is not a functioning representative democracy anymore but a corporate oligarchy.

    Gee why don't the supposed represented whose interests are never represented care that the system that claims to represent them but doesn't is supposedly in grave danger according to some of the professional managerial class whose interests are represented? It's just soooo hard to figure out… It's a conundrum wrapped in a riddle that's tied together by an enigma within a baffling paradox. It's a stumper alright. Why it's the modern day Gordian Knot.

  2. Americans are the only ones who can lose their own democracy. They won't realise how badly they've loused it up if they do lose it till a generation or two after it's gone. But when the creatures of Trump replace it with the garbage state they desire the end result will be grotesque but it will be far too late to do anything about it.

  3. Well said. But it seems most of those in the poll were clearly nonvoters. The people who believe in voting are largely made up of those who buy into the "hating your neighbor" kind of politics.

  4. I like your theory but I want to propose an alternative or companion idea. Democracy is highly important to many more people polled, but it was lower on the list of priorities than other goals. Technically it could be the 2nd most important thing and not be the “highest priority.”

  5. Instead of doing much of anything, the current administration and congress has invested most of their time and effort with bad faith fear mongering about threats to democracy.

  6. This is the same internationally. The same mistake was made by Libs (and their left tailenders) during the "Arab Spring". People can't be kept mobilized for democracy as an abstract ideal. Democracy is a means to an end and needs to deliver.

  7. My point of view is that they throw democracy in your face because they have nothing else that they are willing to do. I watched the embarrassing Georgia Senate debate to watch the two knuckleheads trying to dance around the parameters that prevent any individual to actually engage in a discussion on their responsibility to be a senator while not going outside of their restrictions under the corporate DNC and RNC. You can put this in any state or better yet just put up a cardboard cutout of whoever you want in those positions because it doesn't matter. We have been captured by the globalist and NATO and whatever they want will happen. That's the whole point of having money in politics and state media that will obey their paymasters. It's all a joke and we will never have a democracy and actually never did. The Americans were fighting each other with hatred and over nothingness but ignorance, the government and the globalist were planning type of control and laughing at the imbeciles fighting about rhetoric. At this Point of my life I'm just laughing too. There are no protests and I don't think the media is needed for protest because it should be everywhere.

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