Keep your eye on Arizona… and Hunter | Rep. Andy Biggs

Congressman Andy Biggs of Arizona comments on what he is witnessing in his state in regards to presidential election results, as well as where he thinks investigations into Hunter Biden should go from here. – with Newsmax TV’s Chris Salcedo

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Written by Newsmax TV


  1. Biden is a trader. He should be put in prison. We should freeze his assets. We should also kick George Soros out of our country and make it illegal for anyone in America to do business with him. Kick him where it hurts and freeze his assets too.

  2. From what i'm seeing, so many people have finally woken up. The real woke crowd. It's the majority of Americans against the left and the media. Pretty much the same as the civil war. The media, or dems would never admit this, but the fact is that the civil war was basically the Republicans against the Democrats led by the first Republican president. And what media there was supported the Dems, or the Confederates. It's amazing how good they are at changing historical facts. Like Obama said: "Where going to change our history".

  3. If demons get away with ther fraud just do what they been doing for last 4 years obstruct lie and get rich quick ! Its got to be fraud who in their right mind would live in a shithole
    By choice

  4. I just got a message that says the president is requesting that every registered voter send him a snail mail letter a letter to demand a full audit of all 50 states. Send this to

    President Donald J Trump
    White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington DC 20500.

    He will use this as evidence to the supreme court. He is asking all of us to send him hardcopy letters as evidence we the people are demanding an audit please do this tomorrow have every registered voter in your household send a separate letter. We need to swarm the White House mail room. Thank you.
    **This was not my original post, although I feel like we all need to do what Dan Bonjino said in one of his podcast.. put pressure on government.. they need to know we are here and we are supporting our President
    Pass this on please!

  5. I'm disgusted to see the YouTube propaganda inserts being pasted all over Conservative videos. AP nor any big media or big tech gets to "call" the election. That is the job of the various state legislatures once they "certify" their election. No state has done that yet. Further, when followed, the YouTube inserts lead to obvious propaganda, something which is antithetical to American principles. Stop it, YouTube/Google. Folks its time to move over to Parler and Rumble!

  6. The prince of darkness is the source of lies, division, disrespect, cheating, mistrust, pride, cruelty, manipulation, sexual immorality, sickness, and death. Yet many angels were deceived by him and fell from heaven with him. The bible calls for faith, hope, charity, temperance, patience, fortitude, prudence, and LOVE FOR ONE ANOTHER! This is the message of Christ. Christians, open your eyes and denounce Trump!

  7. It will be interesting to see how AZ plays out. I am sure there was fraud in Maricopa County especially with the Dominion machines. The real count ought to tell us that.

  8. I think fox calling Arizona was done as a distraction- to keep everyone confused and watching that state while they processed as many fraudulent ballots as possible in Pennsylvania.